Mother’s Birthday Pondicherry

‘Mother’ is the most sacred word in this world, it’s a gift for a woman to be called as mother by her children, but it is a perpetual boon for a woman to be called as Mother by the whole world, and this boon is been granted to the revered Mira Alfassa. Her birthday is a celebrated in a great manner at Pondicherry. 

Mother’s Birthday:

Though Mother is a foreigner, her love for India knew no boundaries, and especially her love for Pondicherry is incredible. She spent her days only for people’s welfare. On this Mother’s day people from all over the world visit her tomb, inside the Aurobindo ashram and pay tribute to her. People will offer flowers and bouquets to her and also indulge in meditation. Most of the school students come over to the ashram and sing songs in praise of her. Other than paying tribute to Mother, there will be musical concerts, dance shows and stage plays. 

Day of Celebration:

This festival is celebrated on 21 st of February, every year at Aurobindo ashram. Other important days of celebration at Aurobindo ashram are, 15 august is the Sri Aurobindo birthday, 24 of November is Siddhi day, 5 December is Sri Aurobindo Mahasamadhi day and then 17th of November is Mother’s Mahasamadhi day. 

Travel Mode

Pondicherry can be easily accessed from all important cities; there are lots of bus facilities from Chennai and Vellore to Pondicherry.


Pondicherry railway station is just few kms away, it is best to take a taxi or Auto to reach the ashram.


Pondicherry has an international airport, which is connected with both local and international planes.

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