Bastille Day

Pondicherry was under the clutches of France for more than 300 years, and so it stands as the symbol of French and Indian integrity. All its streets and monuments are marked by Dravidian cum western architecture. To till date all kinds of French festivals are celebrated in Pondicherry, one such festival is Bastille Day. 

Bastille Day:

This festival is celebrated to commemorate French and Indian soldiers who have shed their blood for the welfare of both the nations. On this day there will be Soldiers parade, accompanied by Indian and France national songs, and later both the flags are tied high in the air. To see this splendor show citizens of Pondicherry gather at the core of the city and cheer the soldiers.

Apart from the passionate sprit, there are also dance shows, music concerts and many more talent shows to entertain. 

Day of Celebration:

This festival is celebrated on every 14 of July, at the heart of Pondicherry. This day is considered to be a patriotic one and so people meet here with a passionate heart and cheer the soldiers. Visit the city during this day and engage yourself in the patriotic vive of Pondicherry. 

Travel Mode

Pondicherry is a union territory and busses from all across India will take you to this land


The central railway station at Pondicherry is well connected and is bus 24*7.


Pondicherry airport has accessibility to all local and international planes.

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