Hussain Sagar lake and the Buddha statue

Behold the grandeur Buddha statue from the shores of serene Hussain Sagar Lake. Amidst cloudy sky the colossal statue of Buddha stands and mesmerizes the beholder. This Lake is one of the most sought after destination in Hyderabad. Built by Hussain Shah Wahi in the year 1562, it is one of the few man-made lakes in India. This lake links Hyderabad and Secunderabad. This lake was built in order to provide sufficient water to the city, during the period of drought.

Special features:

To add more beauty to this lake is the musical fountain in the Lumbini Park that encircles the lake in one side. On the other side of the lake is the majestic Birla Mandir carved on an elevation. The entrance is adorned on either sides by two lions besides each pillars. This monuments reflects the typical Hindu temple structure. Next comes the most enchanting structure, the monolith statue of Lord Buddha carved out of granite, standing at a height of 16 meters. The lake looks marvellous in night, with those colors full lights lit all over.

Other activities:

Near to the Tank Bund road, is a boulevard known as the Necklace road, adorned with lovely gardens on either sides. This road is often thronged with public in the evenings. The lake is a perfect place for an entertaining evening. There are lots of fun filled activates, shows and rides. Major attraction is the boat ride from the Lumbini park to the Buddha statue. Speed boats and a number of cultural activities carried out here for the visitors.


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