Medak Cathedral

The most important point of attraction at Medak is the “Medak Cathedral”. This mind-blowing cathedral is the largest single Diocese in Asia and the second largest in the world. The Gothic structure of the church, along with the bell tower is the most enchanting features of the church. The whole architecture is European.

This church was consecrated in the year 1924 and was built under the orders of Charles Walker Posnett, an administrator of the British army soldiers at Trimulgherry. During his army camp at Medak, he decided to build this gorgeous building. The 100 ft wide and 200 ft long church can accommodate around 5,000 visitors, in a sitting. Si different colored mosaic tiles that were imported from England adorn the floor of the church and the stainless glass with paintings of Jesus life incidents is yet another beauty to this church. The huge pillars built with grey stone support the gallery of the church. The square shaped valuators fixed on the ceilings, along with the hollow sponge material, make the church sound-proof.

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