Month: July 2017

Jet Airways would start Trichy-Mumbai service soon

As per the latest updates, Jet Airways are planning to launch Trichy- Mumbai flight service. A report has been submitted by the private carrier giants to the DGCA [Directorate General of Civil Aviation] about their interest in the same. The DGCA in turn sought comments on their proposal to the AAI [Airport Authority of India]. The Trichy Airport authorities seem interested to this initiative from Jet Airways. In fact, there has been a huge demand from the travel sector to start new flight service from Trichy connecting Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. They have proposed the same to many private carriers, which never materialised. If this current proposal from Jet Airways is approved, they would be operating the Trichy- Mumbai flight service by Winter when the international and domestic flow of passengers hits maximum.

Bookings are open for the 65th edition of Nehru trophy boat race 2017

The much awaited event in Kerala, the Alleppey Nehru Boat Race is scheduled on 12th of August 2017. Tourists from all over the world are keenly looking forward for the booking procedures and make sure they get a chance to witness one of the most popular events all over the world. Tens of thousands of spectators will flock at the banks of the Punnamada Lake at Alleppey to visit this grand spectacle. It is for sure a pleasure to stand by the side and watch the fleet of 100 feet Chundan Valloms [Snake boats] race to the finishing point to win this prestigious award. With more than 100 oarsmen sing and enjoy themselves together as they pace through the lake is a sight to behold. The whole crowd is turned on by the beats and rhythmic movement of the boats.
The organisers have declared that the 65th edition of the Nehru trophy boat race would meet all the expectations and be a grand event. The preparations are going on at full pace with lots of new additions as well. The have also informed that a special committee have plans to standardize the event and take it to the next level by setting a format for the boat race, similar to the Indian Premiere League [IPL] cricket championship.
The participants of the boat race must register their names before 20th of July starting from July 10th 2017. New ID cards for each oarsman will be provided.
For tourists bookings are open and it is recommended to book your seat before August 10th 2017.
For more information and bookings please visit-

Attention Foodies: Do not miss Jigarthanda if you ever visit the vibrant city of Madurai

Madurai, one of my favourite personal haunts when I crave for some delicious Tamil Nadu food. It is one of those destinations, or perhaps I would say “THE DESTINATION” to relish the real flavor of Tamil Nadu. It is popular for its Idly-Sambhar, Kari-Dosha and my favourite Jigarthanda. Jigarthanda is a refreshing drink which the Madurites cannot live without and when I am in Madurai the same thing goes with me. I won’t leave Madurai without at least 3 or 4 cups of this chilled, sugary yet nutritious drink. The most annoying feeling is that while I am writing this, I am not at Madurai.
Some believe that the Mughals introduced it to the people of Madurai, and some claim it was the Pandyas who gifted the recipe. Jigarthanda is a toothsome medley of flavours. The recipe includes milk, almond pisin, Nannari syrup, sugar and of course ice cream. Unlike the ice creams we are used to, the ice cream used while preparing Jigarthanda is exclusively made for it. You will find a whole lot of Jigarthanda shops in Madurai, as everyone relies on a chilled glass of fresh made Jigarthanda whenever and wherever one feels an energy drop.
Jigarthanda is sold in 3 sizes, one is mini, then the large and it comes as Jigarthanda Cone as well. Pick any one which you prefer and I am sure you would ask for more. You just can’t get enough of it when you start drinking.So, do not risk missing out a chance to savour this nummy and yummy drink, whenever you happen to visit the ever awake city of Madurai.

  5 tips to Eat healthy while you travel

Personally I am a hard core foodie, but when I travel I control my junk food temptations. For some it is exciting to try exotic foods, but be choosy when you eat. What you intake does matter a lot while you are on a tour.
Let me drop in some tips on how to eat while you travel-
1. Keep your body hydrated
Drink plenty of water while you travel as lot of your body-water content gets used up. Our body consists of 70% of water and it is essential to carry out all our bodily functions. Therefore keep your body always hydrated. Do not take sodas and sugary drinks which energise for some time, but then tire you down even more. Avoid such drinks and drink plain water. Keeping yourself hydrated also helps you in controlling the urge for junk foods.
2. Eat lean protein foods
Travel burns up a lot of protein and therefore you need to eat up more protein rich foods. It is always advised to go for lean protein foods, such as nuts, berries and eggs. It prevents energy lags when you are up for a long trek, cycling and especially if you are an adventure junkie who has a love for rock climbing, mountaineering and so on.
3. Take short meals
Never eat heavy. It slows you down and also you might be at risk of getting gastro issues which is always annoying while traveling. You could pack some of your favourite snacks from home. Eat light and eat atleast 4 to 6 times a day.
4. Eat more vegies and fruits
Drink fruit juice whenever possible. It maintains your blood sugar level which in turn keeps your energy levels intact. Eat more fresh vegetables like carrots and cucumber and citrus fruits like Oranges, lemon etc. Avoid high carbs foods like dairy products and sweets.
5. Avoid Junk foods
We all love junk foods but it always leave your stomach upset and you miss the fun of traveling. Junk foods are never recommended while traveling. Fried chips, burgers, pizzas and donuts are always at the top of the list, but it won’t help you while you set out for a journey. They are hard to digest and use all your energy for the same, leaving you lazy. Strictly avoid it.
You may have many other suggestions for healthy traveling. Do comment below some your tips as well.
Happy travelling J

5 Mobile applications that may come in handy while you travel

Travel has become so easy and fun in this era of highly advanced technology. Gadgets and mobile applications are the best companions of avid travellers. There are a whole lot of applications which may prove handy at various situations while you travel. Though there are many, I am penning down some of the most used apps by travellers around the world.

Here are some of my picks-

1. Google Maps

Who doesn’t use Google Maps these days? This app comes in-built in all android phones. Apple users may download it as well. Unlike traditional travellers, you would never have to seek directions from strangers. All you need to do is type the location and click “Get directions” in Google Maps, and there you go. The other great feature is live traffic conditions. It shows where you would encounter heavy traffic and also guides you with a shortcut to your destination. You can also get suggestions on good restaurant, near-by fuel bunks, shopping malls and sightseeing places based on your location. Google Maps is the number 1 in my list of travel applications.

2. Instagram

I feel no need to introduce to you the Instagram App. Every traveller loves to share their travel experiences with their loved ones through pictures and videos. Instagram is the most trending social media these days for the same. With super fun editing tools you can upload stunning images and your travel videos for your friends and family to see. You can use it in both Android and IOS platforms.

3. Accuweather

Accuweather is used by more than a billion people worldwide for weather forecast. It gives intricate details on the weather conditions every minute. With Accuweather in your smartphone, you can easily plan your outing. It is not a free app, however I pick Accuweather for the most accurate predictions. If you are looking for a free app, I would recommend Yahoo Weather or the Google Weather app both of which come free of charge.

4. Trip Advisor

Perhaps the most popular travel app in the world. I doubt there is any traveler who has never heard of Trip Advisor. The one to go for all travel related content. Let it be destination research, hotel reviews, activities, tour operator reviews Trip Advisor. One can even compare hotel tariffs and book their choice of accommodation on the move. More than a billion travellers logging in to Trip Advisor every now and then, it is your perfect one touch option for all travel related queries you have.

5. Flight aware flight tracker

Another useful app for tracking your flights. It enables you to track real time flight location anywhere in the world. Download it on your Android or IOS powered phones and take advantage of this well structured application.

A visit to the holy Arunachala Temple and the Ramana Maharshi Ashram

Ramana Maharshi Ashram
Somethings always amaze me, like this ancient temple Arunachaleeswarar and the Ramana Maharshi Ashram close to it. The Arunachala Temple or the Arunachaleeswarar Temple is at Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu at the foothills of the Arunachala Hills. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple represents fire and is visited by millions of devotees every year. It is one of the “Pancha Bhoota sthalams”, or the 5 sacred temples in Tamil Nadu. The 5 temples represent 5 elements of creation: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether. A famous Indian sage and guru Shri Ramana Maharishi once said in praise of Arunachala, “By merely thinking of Arunachala, one gets enlightened”. These words started vibrating inside my head from the moment I read it. Being an avid devotee of Shiva, I could not resist my urge to visit this mystic hill of Arunachala and the Arunachaleeswarar temple.
I visited the temple in November last year. I got down near the Tiruvannamalai temple, early morning 6 am as I recollect. The moment I set foot at Tiruvannamalai, I could hear the Shiva Kirtans from a distance. I walked along the streets which were already live that early in the morning. A tea shop was the first thing on my agenda. I asked the tea guy where the Kirtan was played? He said it is from the Arunachaleeswarar Temple. I asked him about an ashram I have heard of which is very popular even in the western countries. He pointed me to my right side and asked me to continue walking. There is an ashram likely 500 meters from where I stood. I reached in front of a small arch-gate which read Shri Ramana Maharshi Ashram.

The Ramana Maharshi Ashram

As I entered the ashram premises, to my surprise I saw more of Europeans and the Americans than native Indians. Many live, in and near the ashram and some are permanent residents as well. The ambiance inside was simply divine and I felt a sense of godliness everywhere. I made a visit to the meditation hall located around 100 meters from the gate. An eerie silence prevailed inside. Many were sitting in comfortable postures enjoying the silence, thoughtless as taught by Ramana Maharishi himself. He always said silence is the answer for all our spiritual quest.
I resumed my walk along the Ramana ashram and at one point I could see the holy Arunachala Hill. The words of Ramana Maharshi reverberated inside my head. I could feel the energy then and there. I sat down with a group of whites, who I later came to know are from Poland. They came to attend the Kirtan of one of the popular Kirtan artists Mr. Krishna Das. I do not know how these westerners happen to have a love for traditional Hindu Bhajans and Kirtans. It is believed the popular hippie movement during the late 60’s in America and Europe influenced them to visit India and eventually they fall in love with this holy land. Unlike the name, Krishna Das is not an Indian, rather he is from the United States of America. During the 70’s he visited India and settled there for a long time seeking rich spiritual wisdom the Vedic country offers. He learned Yoga under Neem Karoli Baba, a mystic lived in Nainital and he practised Kirtans and Bhajans with him. Krishna Das visited the Ramana Maharshi Ashram 20 years ago, and there he was again for a free Kirtan concert. People from many parts of the world came to the ashram to attend his concert. I planned to attend the same.
By noon, the Kirtan started and as I entered the Kirtan Hall, I was astonished to see all were foreigners and I could not spot a single Indian other than some ashram guys. The Kirtan started and I saw Krishna Das, a white, tall guy in his mid 40’s. He sat down on the stage with a Harmonium, his favorite Indian musical instrument. As he started the Kirtan, everyone started singing with him. Some were dancing and totally lost in the divine music. The ambience was extremely energetic. I was literally vibrating at the highest level of my spiritual consciousness. I could feel everybody in the hall. It went on for 3 hours.

Arunachala and the Arunachaleswarar Temple

Later I set out to the Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleeswarar Temple. The architecture is magnificent, like all the other Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu. The Arunachala temple premises is vast and the 66-meter high Gopuram is the main highlight. Many sadhus lived inside the temple premises. They all looked as if they do not care anything about this world. They are always in a meditative state. I took some pictures of them and approached a sadhu whom I spotted near to where I stood. I asked him how to climb the Arunachala hill. He did not seem interested in speaking to me, however, he told me to do Pradakshina [Circumambulate] of the Arunachala hill. I asked him whether there is any Shiva Linga uphill. He looked into my eyes and said: “the hill itself is a linga, the fire”. I thanked him and walked straight to the start the Pradakshina.
The Pradakshina route around the hill is 14 km and I did not have any doubt in my mind that I was going to do it. As I started I came across many small temples dedicated to various other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. There are many roadside shops selling sacred beads and Rudrakshas. I have been always fond of Rudrakshas, I bought a Panchamukhi [5 faces] Rudraksha for myself. It took more than 3 hours for me to complete the 14 km Pradakshina. I was completely exhausted, but I was feeling peaceful and content that I did it. Since I did not have much time to explore more of this holy land, I had to conclude my spiritual journey.
I promised myself that I would definitely visit Arunachala again. I felt I missed many things which I would love to learn from this sacred pilgrimage.
If you would like to make a visit sometime, and in case you need to know more in detail about the Arunachaleswarar Temple and the Ramana Maharshi Ashram, please feel free to visit our official website link given below-

Why make a visit to Kerala during monsoon?

Being a Keralite, I often feel proud and never miss a chance to boast of my homeland’s beauty. Kerala as we know has reserved its name at the top of the tourist charts all over the world. It is one among the top 10 hot spots and millions fly here during the season time which is September to February. It is cool, calm and of course stupendous. However what most of the tourists miss and are probably unaware of, is that Kerala never stops entertaining, even during the monsoon [June to October]. She is ever blissful and charming that all throughout the year she mesmerizes every traveler with her sheer exuberance.
Rain! Who doesn’t love rain? We Keralites are blessed with it. I remember my school days when I used to get wet I loved it. When I got older, I started loving it more. The dark clouds fill up the sky and the chilly breeze hits your spine. That is when the monsoon alarm rings and the feeling is out of the world. Whenever I am home during the monsoon, it is my favorite pastime to sit on my sofa and enjoy the rain. Beholding a cup of hot coffee definitely adds more love to it. Playing football during heavy rain is another monsoon madness of mine. Rain always invokes a sense of peace, excitement, happiness which I cannot express through mere words.
Now coming to the point, as a travel junkie and a proud Keralite, I would like to drop in some comments for you all. For those who would love to see Kerala in her pretty distinct yet vibrant outfit.
Here is why you would love to visit Kerala during the Monsoon-

1. Water, Water Everywhere

There are numerous waterfalls in Kerala and it is during the Monsoon and the post-Monsoon months they get lively. Mark my words, there is nothing more stunning than to witness these roaring waterfalls making their way down. Some of the most renowned waterfalls in Kerala are the Athirapally Waterfalls, the Vazhachal Waterfalls, the Soochippara Waterfalls and many other names in the list as well. Reach out, take a bath under the shimmering waters of these giant falls, get wet and have fun. It is fun? Super doper fun indeed!

2. Off season for usual travelers [May-September]

Since it is not the official season time, the flow of travelers would be low and the air tickets and accommodation would be cheap as well. If you belong to that group of travelers who do not like to follow the herd, this is the time. if you like to avoid the rush of tourists or perhaps you are visiting Kerala to relax rather than getting outdoors, then I highly recommend you to visit during the Kerala Monsoon.

3. The hills turn your eyes green

Everyone who has ever made a visit to Kerala knows how fabulous the Kerala hill stations are. N number of honeymooners fly to Kerala every year to kick-start their romance and I am sure it never bored them. The outdoors feels no less than paradise at Munnar, Wayanad and Periyar. During the Monsoon, the scenario is different. Constant rain restricts tourists inside, yet I must tell you, a visit will never disappoint you. A tip? there would be short breaks in between heavy rainfall. Use it to get out and enjoy the magnificence of the rain drenched mountains, grasslands and country roads. There is no doubt you would be literally dumbfounded by the greenery that surrounds you. The verdant mountains pose their absolute beauty as the sun rays fight their way through the clouds and find them . Let me know if your eyes do not turn green. I bet they will.

4. Beaches and sea food? Great!

For the sea food lovers, this is a high time to savor some of the exclusive Kerala cuisines. Beach side restaurants and beer parlors at the Kovalam and Varkala Beaches serve some of the exquisite sea food menu. Stroll through the crescent beaches of Kovalam, Chill out and catch some finger licking good Grill fish or Kerala Fish Fry. Opt for an Ayurvedic massage at various popular massage centers and rejuvenate your mind and body.

5. Bustling backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala is on every traveler’s list. It is the most unique stretch of backwaters in the world and the face of Kerala tourism as well. A houseboat cruise through the backwaters of Alleppey is a delightful experience and during the Monsoon, it gets even more exciting. Though it would be raining the whole time, the experience you would have while floating through the narrow canals and countryside is meant to remind us of how intricate yet artistic the whole creation of nature is.

Women drivers enter the tourism scene

In India, women were never considered as a workforce, rather they were restricted within the 4 walls of their household. However things have changed now and women have moved on par with men in all aspects of life. They are everywhere and even prove to be better than men. Lately women entered the hospitality and tourism industry as well. They are breaking the stereotypes that women cannot drive and that they do not have any role in this industry. In India, there are many women who are jobless and find it difficult to make their ends meet on a daily basis. The travel industry definitely come for aid in this case. Women drivers have entered the scene.

In the travel service industry the safety and coziness of the traveller is of paramount importance. A woman would feel more secure and comfortable when they are driven by another woman, especially when they are traveling in an unknown city far away from home. Now the entry of lady Chauffeurs would please all women travellers and help them to travel fearless and with ease. Even during night time, they could drive around and hang out and enjoy every minute of their trip. We know women are always more cautious and patient than men, which is the most crucial aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry. Unlike men, who take credit for likely 80% of the road accidents, ladies are more conscious about safe driving and their basic instincts always helps in that regard.

There is a myth, travelling is not safe for Women in India. It is just another media jargon, nothing else. There are certain things to keep in mind for sure, but India is completely safe. Always choose trusted travel operators and rest they will take care. You may sit back and enjoy your trip you paid for. And finally, with women chauffeurs on your fingertips, travel has never been this safe for women.

Is India safe for women travelers? Yes! It is.

There is hype about India that it is a very dangerous country for solo female travelers. I would say that is an absolute deceptive statement. It is obvious that women while traveling alone, are vulnerable. Yet, if India is not safe for them then no other countries are. The belief among the travel community is that unlike other countries India is not safe for women. Let me be clear, there is every kind of people everywhere. If we go with the statistics as of 2015, the United States of America and the United Kingdom which are said to be safer than India, rank higher in terms of rape victims. The interesting fact is that it includes men too. Surprised? You must be. Thus, we must understand, it is within the human nature where the problem lies and not a whole country.
India, being the spiritual capital of the world treat women with great respect. People considered a woman as Goddess during ancients times. It is true things have changed after the Western influence over the last 1000 years. The only thing to remember is that you need to prepare yourself and use your wit whenever you deal with a situation. It applies not only in India but wherever you travel alone. Do not worry or panic. As you go on traveling around India you will learn how to deal with people every day. You know it is actually easy. Just open up, smile and get on with it. Be assertive and not always be polite. India is sometimes confusing but awesome. It is sometimes annoying but lovely. It is unwise and silly to scare people on traveling India alone.
India is a country which welcomed every foreign invader with open arms, let it be the Portuguese, the Dutch or the British. In India there is a saying “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which is a Sanskrit statement which means “Every guest is God”. People here consider all people are gods in drag.
So, do not ever be scared to travel to India. Just prepare yourself as you do whenever you travel anywhere.
Tips for Women: Keep in mind these 5 things while you visit India alone
For women travelers, I would recommend the below 5 things to make sure of while traveling in India-

1. Choose authorized tour operators

There are many well-reputed tour operators in India, recognized by the Indian Ministry of Tourism. Some tour operators have tailor made packages for solo women travelers and in groups too. Starting with the Guest Relation Executives to the escorts, drivers and the operators, all are friendly and caring. Most of all, they love their job and will not hesitate to go an extra mile to see to it that you are safe and entertained every minute you spend in India. So always be sure you choose an authorized operator. Seek recommendations from your family members or friends who have used a specific tour operator.


2. Do not get cheated by local sellers

Learn the art of bargain, and shop wisely because while you are traveling alone in an unknown country, chances are that locals will try to cheat you. Likely more than half of the population relies on small-scale businesses and street shop. They get excited when they see lonely travelers especially if you are a foreigner. So, be assertive and while you deal with them.

3. Use only licensed guides for your program

As you know there are many unauthorized guides who would try to persuade you to avail their services at all major destinations. They do not know much about the destination and they will explain false information and also try to steer you to buy things from local shops where he might have the deal with. There is a high possibility that you may get cheated. So be sure the guide you use is licensed or better arrange a personal guide through your trusted tour operators only.


4. Ignore Eve- Teasing

Eve- teasing is common everywhere and especially when a woman is traveling alone, a lot of eyes catch you. The best way to deal with those kinds of men is “IGNORE”! In case if the situation gets worse, then for sure you must react and make it a scene. Make them embarrassed in public for their dirty deeds. You may call helpline numbers as well, provided by the Indian Ministry of Tourism. I have shared in this article below. Also note, it is not always true that the guys in India stare at you with bad intentions in mind, rather they might be just curious and pretty much excited to see a foreign white lady on the move. Another aspect that catches attention is the dress code. In India, as you know women dress loose and well-covered. So definitely you may catch many eyes if you move with the western outfits like mini-skirts and pretty much-revealing tops. This is not an issue in Metropolitan cities or other major Indian cities where men are used to it, but while exploring rural destinations and village areas definitely many eyes might fall on you. So if and only you want to avoid those stares, either try to follow a loose dress code or lighten up yourself with the vibrant Indian wears which are for sure not that bad to give a try. Most of all ignore all the gestures and move on. You may sometimes loose temper. Try to remain calm but do react when you smell a threat and the situation gets worse. As I said call the helpline number or seek help from people around.

5. Make full use of the smartphones and latest handheld technologies

Make sure you are always in touch with your friends and relatives and let them know exactly what you are doing and what your plans are? In a case of any emergency, they can track you easily. Always see to it that your mobile phones have charged batteries. Be active in social media which is the most appropriate and the best way to record your activities. There are a lot of travel applications you could find in the App store. Use it, because it will definitely prove handy at times.
Avoid seeking direction and advice to unknown men on the road. Make use of the Google Maps for directions, restaurants, and other entertainment spots you would like to visit. Thanks to the new age technology, that we have everything in our fingertips.
Take note of the helpline numbers in India and Toll-Free Information number for foreign tourists operated by the Ministry of Tourism, India-
1 – Dial 100 for Police Control Room
2- Women Helpline No. : 1091
3 -24×7 Toll-Free Infoline in 12 International Languages to Help Tourists in India operated by the Ministry of Tourism, India

Be prepared! Be confident! Be safe!

Travel lots! Enjoy! Explore!


5 Reasons why you must consider traveling

It is no secret how travel influences your mind, body, and soul. I recollect now a famous quote by the Dalai Lama himself,

“Every year travel at least once to a place you have never been to”.

This inspired me to travel every time I get a chance to. For me, travel is the ultimate breakout from the daily money crazy routine. For many, travel is the ultimate reason to live. Travel means different things to different people. Some set out to explore the unseen, some to learn and spiritually evolve, some to brainstorm their ideas that they are looking for, some to relax and then there are the adventure junkies who always crave for some mind-bending, spine twisting experiences.

Here are some of the reasons you must consider traveling every now and then you feel to unwind-

1. Recharge your batteries

Don’t you feel at times to get off your work chair and jump off your office window? Well, I did feel many times. It is healthy to shut off your workaholic brain and fly somewhere you have never been to. Medical research has proven that travel reduces the stress levels and revitalize our mind. Putting it simply “Travel recharge our batteries”.

2. Travel changes your whole perspective of life

Traveling is believed to expand human consciousness as per the latest understanding of medical science. Such is the power of travel. Travel makes us more aware of life. I find it true to the very word. Whenever I return back after a journey to a new destination, I personally experience dramatic changes in my attitude, also the way I behave and carry myself around. It is always surprising when you are out for a trip, how your mind dumps all those negative thoughts you brought from your workplace. Spending time traveling, refresh and reopen your tired brain. Various new experiences prepare you to deal with all your work or family issues with ease. You would smile off everything that disturbs you.

3. Travel teaches you to live the present

We often forget to do what is the most crucial and enjoyable aspect of life, which is to “live in the present”. We all are completely trapped in the usual drama that surrounds us. Let it be in your office or your family, constant stress never allows you to see the beauty of life. I would say travel is the most effective tool to enjoy your life. Travel helps you find yourselves within. Whenever you are out looking for excitement, let it be hiking the Himalayas, strolling through the streets of the historical city of Fort Cochin or partying at nightclubs of Goa, you literally disconnect and forget the past or do not even care about future. You enjoy the moment and that is what makes life beautiful and traveling, a gift.

4. Travel is knowledge

In India, ancient rishis and saints traveled all across the subcontinent in search of knowledge. They believed travel is the ultimate tool for wisdom. In Islam, it is said that the Islamic traditions are a collective result of voyages made by the prophets. I believe in it too. A week of travel to certain destinations teach us more than sitting inside a closed classroom. We would get to know the world more when we set out and explore on our own. We would learn about various other cultures, languages, food and what not? There is a whole lot we do not know about our planet we live on but we do have the gift to enjoy the grandeur of this creation.

5. Reconnect with Mother Nature

City life always excites us, but once you get into it, you would feel sorry for yourself. The polluted air, relentless noise from the car horns and engines, fast food and technology make us deceased in a matter of years. Once in a while, reconnect with our beloved Mother Nature and set out a journey to a serene hill station or your favorite beach destination. Breath in some fresh air, treat your eyes with the lush greenery surrounding the hills, enjoy a sunbath and rejuvenate yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the post. You may have many of your own reasons to travel. Share with us. We are a passionate group of travel enthusiasts who love to travel and share our experiences.