Month: June 2018

12 Beautiful Roads In South India

Travel along the 12 beautiful roads of South India. An enchanting experience for a lifetime, enjoying the scenic locations, detouring through the unexplored regions, unveil an exquisite moment and lot more to entice. A most cherished experience to choose from the options for a never before experience you can be sure of getting in the beautiful roads in South India.

Chennai To Pondicherry

Make your journey more memorable one when you travel from Chennai to Pondicherry on a road trip. The best scenic route along the coastline of Bay of Bengal gives you number of sightseeing options and places of attractions. Pondicherry being one of the choicest holiday destinations in India, take a peaceful break there when you prefer to travel along the scenic East Coast Road.

Pamban Brdige (Rameswaram)

The beautiful road leading to Rameshwaram makes you spell bound with the engineering excellence of Pamban Bridge built in 1912. Take away some of your time from your tour plan, spending with your loved ones watching the Rail Bridge. If you are lucky, you can watch the Double leaf bascules opening for the ships to pass by and the trains crossing the Bridge.

Bangalore to Ooty

Get reminded of the famous quote “Roads are meant for journeys and not for destinations” while you go on a road trip from the Garden City Bangalore to the Queen of Hill Stations Ooty. A beckoning journey along the dense forests, tall pine trees and lush green meadows of tea estates makes holds you on with its mysterious charm. Take the gorgeous view of the valleys down when you ride on the steep hairpin bends from the flat landscapes. An undoubtedly wonderful journey to explore and enjoy!

Bangalore – Bandipur Forest

One of the life-changing experience is the road trip from Bangalore to Bandipur. A perfect route to go on a weekend to explore the lesser known destinations is Bangalore to Bandipur road trip. Pack your bags for an entirely unique experience unveiling the true bliss of nature on the country sides and the dense woods of India. Get drenched in the nature’s lap presenting you the lush greenery, dense woods and the rarest species of animals and birds taking you away from your targets and deadlines.

Coimbatore to valparai

Enjoy the sun rays streaming through the trees on and off and the pleasant weather during your road trip to Valparai from Coimbatore. An undoubtedly wonderful journey surrounded by mountains with boards quite often warning you about the sudden appearance of elephants, yet an enjoyable road trip. Detour along the unnamed lanes lined up with tall trees with nice music and good photographs. Halt at tea shops and enjoy the scenic location around you with hot tea and your loved ones. A truly amazing experience!

Chennai – Munnar

Rejoice your weekend, take a 11hours long road trip from Chennai to Munnar, crossing the major tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. If you have enough time to spare, go around the interesting locations of Trichy, Palani and Dindigul and proceed to Munnar. Stroll around Munnar, the most sought after tourist destination by the global travellers. Enjoy walking through the unending expanse of the tea plantations and the lush green meadows, giving you an enticing experience.

Bangalore – Goa

Go for a spectacular journey from Bangalore To Goa on road, mesmerizing you with the beauty of Western Ghats from different hues. The thrilling road trip is a life changing experience for anyone who loves traveling, especially with the wonderful road trip from Bangalore to Goa. Enjoy the cascade of water falls, roads washed by rains, lovely views of the valley, backwaters of dams, people working on the lush green fields, serene lakes and scenic beaches, all at one tour. Yes, the magic happens during your road trip from Bangalore to Goa !

Mysore – Ooty

An entirely different experience is guaranteed when you plan to travel by road from Mysore to Ooty. You can explore Mysore on your road trip, paying a visit to the renowned Mysore Palace. Road to Ooty from Mysore takes you through the scenic locations of Bandipur, Mudumalai and Masinagudi where nature is in its abundant beauty. If you can spare your time, take a safari in the sanctuaries and go for visiting the scenic locations in Masinagudi. Exploring Ooty is a truly amazing experience. Shopping for homemade chocolates and wooden artefacts are generally preferred by the travellers.

Vizag – Araku

The road trip from Vizag to Arakuveli is an amazing experience with an undoubtedly beautiful sightseeing places and enchanting views all through the route. Enjoy your stay in the eco tourism resorts and the picturesque wooden cottages on the way. The tranquil locations and the most scenic attractions throughout your trip make it the most cherished of your travel experiences. Visit the Tyada hamlets and the Borra caves welcoming you with bundles of stories told and retold.

Munnar- Bangalore

A week-long tour plan will be the best choice to cover all the scenic attractions of the ghat sections taking your time to enjoy and explore during your road trip from Munnar to Bangalore. Visit the famous destinations enroute and enjoy your stay in the famous resorts and hotels. Munnar is an yummy destination for all the global travellers with its lush green meadows , unending expanse of tea plantations and pleasant weather. A walking tour in the tea plantation with your loved ones will be the highlight of this entire road trip.

Hyderabad to Vijayawada

The best possible mode of travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada is by road taking hardly five hours to complete. Enjoy the monuments en route and record the cherished moments. There are lot of eating joints and shopping zones on the way. If you can spare some time, you can enjoy with your family and friends in these places, an entirely different experience.

Bangalore to Koli hills

Imagine a road trip through the lush green forests, monstrous curves and dangerously beautiful hairpin bends, the road trip from Bangalore to Kolli Hills will get you all these things. The priceless moments when you reach the top of the hill will really be a life-changing experience. Enjoy your showers in the spine chilling water falls. The time taken out of your busy schedules definitely pays you rewards.