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South Tourism in its 17th Year of Operation successfully

South Tourism is celebrating its 16th anniversary on 14th February. 16 years of service is truly a sign of trust and continuity that we think of when we celebrate our company anniversary. Without you, this success wouldn’t have been possible. It is YOU, our Principal Agent, gave me the confidence to move forward and excel in service. Because of your support and encouragement, South Tourism has reached this stage.

Thank you for being a part of South Tourism through all those years. On this day, with much gratitude we think about you and thank you again for your continued commitment and for being part of our company's success over the years. While we celebrate what we have accomplished, you shall be assured that we raise the bar a little higher, each time we succeed. It's not about being the best; it is about being better than we were.

Although this season was not up to the mark when it started, due to Kerala floods, Sabarimala issue etc, the new year 2019 looks very positive. We have been putting continuous efforts to keep enhancing the quality of service and standards every now and then. In terms of vehicle fleet, we are going to replace few Toyota Innovas that we are holding with Toyota Crysta’s from July onwards. So after July 2019, we will have all Crysta’s, in fact, more than 100 Crysta’s to assist your clients in South India. Please note we do have 3 Maharaja Tempos (6 seater) as well in the fleet now and we will also be adding more Maharaja tempos in the coming days. Likewise, we will also be adding five more 18 seater Mini coaches before July 2019.

You shall indeed be rest assured that every initiative is being taken at our end on a continuous basis to ensure that our service delivery levels are always maintained high in all aspects.

We enter into the 17th year of operation today – a moment which is reached after overcoming numerous obstacles and imperfections. I would like to personally thank everyone in your team, for being a part of our journey.

For South Tourism, learning and growing is a continual process. We believe in presenting you with better products, services, technologies and contributions to enhance overall client experience and take the excellence to a new level. We have got an immense experience in these many years and we will keep on doing our jobs with ever-enhancing skills. Please be assured that our level of commitment, research, learning, quality, and professionalism will remain same or enhance for sure. We know the obstacles will arrive again to polish us more but we’ll again win over them to prove our mettle. So we thank you again for all your constant support and encouragement in all that we do. We wish to nurture the relationship we have built so far in such a way that enables us to promote and build an enduring working relationship.

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