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Vehicle parking at Madurai Meenakshi Temple closed

Vehicle Parking has been closed since yesterday morning without any prior notice. When enquired, we were told that this step has been taken as part of Smart City works. We were not informed as to how long the parking will remain closed. So, it may take 3 months or 6 months or even more.

Now vehicles are being parked somewhere 3 to 4 kms away after the client gets down closer to the temple area. When clients come out of the temple, coordination with their driver will be difficult as they will not have their mobile with them as mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple. So, they will have to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes minimum to get their vehicles back to the area where they got down due to the traffic. If it’s a Coach, then it is going to be very chaotic due to the distance from the temple and the parking area. There is no other choice as the state government did not consider about tourists and their practical difficulty.

The only option is that clients can take an Auto Rickshaw from the temple area to reach the vehicle where it is parked, and this Auto Rickshaw cost will be additional.

There are lot of chances for a complaint to raise as the situation is very disorganized and it is going to create more problem in the coming days. Although we will do our maximum to handle the situation, please keep your Sales team, your internal team and your FTO informed of this situation to avoid last minute surprise.

We also do not know how to overcome this problem. We have our Madurai branch office located just at the entrance of the temple. Though our team in Madurai shall put in their maximum effort to handle the situation, there will be lot of chaos & every guest will get upset and will complain.

We request your understanding and cooperation to handle the situation in a smooth way.

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