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Ezhimala Beach - Kerala

Ezhimala Beach

Ezhimala beach is also known as Ezhimalai, which is located in Kannur district in Kerala. It has seven mountains in it so it is proudly called in Tamil as Ezhimala. This beach lies between the hills and it is surrounded by Coconut trees and Palm grooves which gives a fascinating view of sunset. It is a nice place to visit on a holiday at any time of the year as this place experiences pleasant climate always. Carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber can be seen at the foot of the hills.

The beach is covered with sand with different texture and the sea is bluer than in other areas. Near Ezhimala, at the Ettikulam Bay, one can enjoy watching dolphins. Ezhimala Beach has a historic importance and attracts lots of tourist from all over the world. Permission is required to enter to this beach . It is also believed that great Buddha also visited the beach during his journey in the country. There is also an old mosque on top of the hill that attracts many visitors. The Naval Academy of Kerala is being developed at this place and is to be one of the largest naval academy in India. Another attraction of this place is a lighthouse called as Mount Deli lighthouse and is maintained by the Navy. This charming beach is considered as one of the leading tourists spots in Kerala.