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Pushkar Camel Fair - Festivals


Pushkar, renowned among the global travelers for many reasons, and to list few of them, India’s only ancient temple for Lord Brahma, the Creator, located in Pushkar, the magnificent Pushkar Lake with the beautiful backdrop of the Brahma temple and the most popular Pushkar Camel Fair, an annual extravaganza attracting somewhere around FOUR million global travelers impressed with the colors and vibrancy prevailing around Pushkar.

The throbbing rituals and cultures of Rajasthan can be experienced at its best if you plan to visit the Land of Royals between the months October and November. Though claimed to be the World’s Largest Camel Fair, the one week festival at Pushkar is more further to this claim. With people flocking from the desert regions around, the camels, horses, cattles are brought to the grounds, painting Pushkar with a different tint. Performances by local artistes, music and dance programmes, temporary camps occupied by people from the regions around, hotels running in full potential add vibrancy and charm to this world renowned Pushkar Camel Fair with another sect of people offering prayers to Lord Brahma on the full moon day of Lunar month Karthik, which generally falls between October and November.

This year, Pushkar Camel Fair is scheduled between 22nd and 30th of November 2020.