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Shri Varadharaja Perumal

Shri Varadharaja Perumal

Temple’s Peculiarity:

Lord Varadaraja Perumal graces from his sanctum sanctorum with his spouse Mother Perunthevi in the nearby shrine. This temple is the place where Perumal gave salvation to his disciple Periya Nambi.


Periya Nambigal was a pious disciple of Lord Narayana. Once he and his follower named Koorathalwar went for a sojourn in Tanjore. Chola King who couldn’t bear the growing name and fame of vaishnavites ordered his servants to besiege him and his follower, When they were brought to the court he ordered Periya Nambigal to give in black and white that their religion is inferior to the king’s religion. But they opposed to do so; king got furious and demanded to pull out the eyes of Koorathalwar, all of a sudden, Koorathalwar he himself pulled out his eye balls and Periya Nambigal was blind folded by the king’s men. Even though he was too old he fought against the king, seeing his endeavors Lord Perumal himself appeared before him and provide salvation to him at this temple. Ergo the lord here is known as Varadaraja Perumal.


Devotees offer White cloth along with jasmine garland and Sweet vada garland to the Lord to get relief from their sorrows and hurdles in life.

Preferred Star:

This temple is known for Kettai nakshatra people. It is believed that if kettai starrers visit this temple during Poornamis and Krishna Jayanthis they will be delivered from their adverse planetary effects.


Purattasi and Margali Kettai are celebrated in grandeur.


The temple is open for the public from 7.oo am to 9.00 am then from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm.


The temple is in Papanasam at a distance of 14 km from Tanjore district.


Buses from Papanasam will take you to this temple. From the bus stand temple is just a few yards away.


The nearest Railway station is at Papanasam.


Trichy international airport is the nearby airport to this temple.

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