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Tourist Attractions Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnersani wildlife sprawls across an area of 635.4 sq.km and serves as a sweet abode to millions of birds, flora and fauna. Trail through this sanctuary can make us encounter animals including tigers, pythons, hyena, sambar, panthers, jackals, wild boars, cobra and many more. For nature lover, this forest serves the best, encircled by lush greens and rich variety of flowers and trees. Birds from various parts of the world migrate to Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary to make the trees their abode. Adding to this the Deer Park and Kinnerasani Dam adds more beauty to this sanctuary and lures lots of tourist every day. Then I will go to the wait ponnu email here there, are many then if not only great then opposite to the region there are few flammable great in the pose.