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Art forms in Karnataka

karnataka-art-formThe art forms of Karnataka have benefitted the patronage of many Empires who were keen in nurturing the art and culture to sustain and promote communal harmony. The different forms of arts have still been practiced adhering to the codifications defined in the ancient times. The most popular of all the art forms of Karnataka is Yaksha Ghana which is quite inimitable as a performing art enthralling the audience. This art form includes dance, drama, music and dialogues. As this is mostly from the agri based regions of Karnataka, the performances are carried out during winters to cheer up everyone.

Goravara Kunita, performed mainly by the devotees of Lord Shiva, where the artistes wear fierce as well as elegant costumes. The artistes in the kuruba community in Karnataka perform the Dollu Kunita, which is emerging as a popular art form in the folk arts category. Highlight about this Dollu Kunita is that it has recently broken the religious boundaries set centuries ago and evolved with modern concepts with the actual needs and challenges in the society.

Krishna Parijata, Somana Kunita, Beesu Kamsale are the other popular art forms of Karnataka, performed during festivals and communal gatherings.