Wildlife Tour Packages

Get an extremely different perspective about the wildlife in India with a tour taking you to the most popular wildlife regions. The wildlife tour packages from South Tourism is an ideal choice to explore the dense woods and spot the wild animals.

India is home to wonderful wildlife sanctuaries, Bird Sanctuaries and National Parks where the endemic and endangered species of animals and birds are inhabited, being an important source for the rich fauna of the regions. Researchers, naturalists, photo fanatics find these sanctuaries the ideal destinations to understand the nature better. Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Nagarhole wildlife Sanctuary, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Kambalagonda Wildlife Sanctuary are the most popular sanctuaries across South India. The forest regions are completely different from the concrete jungles outside and an insight into the lives of woods will be an impeccable way to go closer to the nature. Opting for a boat ride along the rivers crossing through the forests, strolling through the permissible regions of the forest, opting for a trekking through the unspoilt routes into the forest are some of the activities that binds you with nature. Come out of the forests as an ambassador of the woods and its residents.

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Tour to Cochin and Munnar
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