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Cultural Tour Packages

South India has a versatile cultural background. Those who are traveling to South India will be surprised to see the difference in culture and life styles of people which will not be identical with one another while moving from one region to another across South India. Every state in South India has a unique culture with deep routes and strong holds practiced over the centuries. The glorious past and the fabulous present of the cultural aspects of the South Indian states are really inspiring to know about the enduring art forms, cuisines and life styles evident across the states. Marvel the ancient art form of Kerala, Kathakali and the martial art form Kalaripayatu performed with a vigour. Taste the delicious cuisines of Kerala embraced with the recipes of Portuguese as in impact of their colonial periods in Kerala. Visit Pondicherry to witness the elegance of French culture and relishing recipes reflecting those from France in restaurants dotted across the city. Get yourself soaked in the charismatic beauty of Classical dance form Bharathanatyam, mesmerising the onlookers. Marvel the architectural grandeur and historic heritage of Tamil Nadu in the temples standing as a testimony to the excellence of artisans from yester years. Forget yourself tasting the hot meals served on fresh banana leaves, the most hospitable way of treating the guests in Tamil Nadu.