Andhra Pradesh - "The Essence of Incredible India"

Andhra Pradesh is a fertile land in South India, bordered on South by Tamilnadu, west by Karnataka, north by Maharashtra, and north east Madhya Pradesh and Orissa states and flanked on the east by Bay of Bengal. This lush state sprawls across an area of 275,045 sq. km (106,195 sq mi).

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with all natural bounties. The Eastern ghats that runs the length of the state and adds more beauty to the land. Andhra is intercepted by many rivers, and most prominent of them

River Godavari and Krishna. The alluvial soils laid down by these rivers are highly fertile and have converted Andhra Pradesh as one of the major agricultural land in India.

General facts:

The temperature is moderate all year, only during summer the temperature may raise to 42˚c which is from (Apr- May). On the rest of the months the temperature would be around 25˚c to 30˚c. Andhra Pradesh had a population of 66,508,008 at the 1991 census, giving the state an average density of 242 persons per sq km (626 sq. mi). At present both Telangana and Andhra shares Hyderabad as the capital.

India's fourth largest port is Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This serves as the commercial hub of Andhra. Telugu is the official language of Andhra. Though this land is mainly populated by origins (Andhra people), it also gives shelter to other state people. Other common languages spoken here are Tamil, English and Urudu. Andhra Pradesh has several museums, including the Salar Jung Museum, which features a varied collection of sculptures, paintings, and religious artifacts, and the Archaeological Museum, which features Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and other antiques.

Andhra is also a well know study centre. The Andhra University (founded in 1926) in Waltair, the Andhra University has been a centre of Knowledge for many decades. Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University (1964), and Osmania University (1918) in Hyderabad are some of the oldest and popular universities.

The most prominent sector of Andhra Pradesh is Agriculture. About 70% of population are indulged in agriculture. It also takes the pride of being Indi's main rice producing region. Other than rice crops like sugarcane, oilseeds, beans, and pulses (edible seeds from crops such as peas, lentils, and beans) are also cultivated at large. Forested areas, which cover about 23 percent of Andhra Pradesh, yield timber products such as teak, eucalyptus, cashew, casuarina, sandal woods, and bamboo. Andhra Pradesh is also one of India's most industrialized states. Most important cities are Tirupathi, Vijayawada, and Vishakhapatnam.

Tourist information:

Andhra Pradesh is an amazing tourist land with lot of exciting things. For the nature lovers there are places like Araku valley and Horsley. For sea shore lovers places like Vizag, and Kakinad will be more interesting. Apart from recreation places, Andhra is famous for the great Tirupathy temple. It is the richest temple in India and also highly visited by all VIPs. Being one of the prominent state in India, Andhra is well connected with highways, central railways and international airways.

Andhra cuisine needs a special mention. The food here is considered to be the spiciest in India and rice is the staple food. Traditional Andhra thali is tasty and also hot.