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Art Forms in Andra pradesh

The traditional art forms of Andhra Pradesh have a traditional history dating back to many centuries. Out of all the artistic performances, Kuchipudi is the most popular dance form originated from Andhra Pradesh, which involves the wonderful dance performances for the classical Carnatic krithis and references from the great Indian epics and the show is accompanied by different musical instruments and at times, there are dialog deliveries in between. A tenth century art form which remains the charm and grace even today is Kalamkari paintings, believed to have been inherited from Persia. The minute painting works done with quill and natural colours obtained from vegetables transform an ordinary object into a master piece of art. Kalamkari paintings can be done in wooden pieces and clothes which can be taken back in memory of this wonderful art form while you go back from Andhra Pradesh.

Buta Bommalu, the Andhra version of puppet show dance, Lambadi, the naturally beautiful tribal dance of Andhra, Bhamakalpam, which normally enacts the fight between Lord Krishna and His consorts, Kolattam, a rhythmic dance holding wooden sticks, Veeranatyam, symbolising the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva are the other popular art forms of Andhra Pradesh.