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Karnataka - Tourist Places - Mysore


The cultural capital of Karnataka, the administrative center for Kingdom of Mysore for over four centuries, the city with full of heritage structures and palaces is Mysore, now officially called as Mysuru. Located at the foothills of Chamundi Hills, Mysore is at a distance of 146 kms southwest of the Karnataka state capital, Bangaluru. There exists a Tropical Savanna Climate in Mysore. Summer season is from March to June, Monsoon is from July to November and winter season is from December to February.

Popularly known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is famous for the different art forms and the festivities. Especially, the Dusserah festival celebrated for ten days during September or October attracts lakhs of tourists every year. It will be a fascinating experience watching the celebrations on the ninth day of Dusserah when the Royal sword is worshipped and taken on a procession of decorated elephants. On the tenth day called "Viajayadasami", the rituals and celebrations are in a grand manner. The idol of the Goddess Chamundeeswari is kept atop a decorated elephant which leads the procession of table, group dancers, decorated elephants, horses and camels. People in Karnataka call this procession as Jamboo Savaari. The procession and the rituals will be a real feast to the eyes.

Mysore is also called the City of Palaces. The tourists have a wonderful experience visiting the palaces which are the real architectural marvels. Mysore palace tops the list followed by Jaganmohana palace, Rajendra Vilas, Lalitha Mahal,Jayalakshmi Vilas.

Mysore is also famous for many things like, the sweet Mysore Pak, the cosmetic items namely Mysore Sandal Soap and Powder, Mysore Silk Sarees, Mysore painting and Mysore Peta(A silk turban). The rich tradition and heritage can be seen in every article you see in Mysore.

The city is connected to Tamil Nadu and Kerala through the NH-212. There are plenty of buses plying between Mysore and other cities. Superfast trains like Shatabdi Express halt at Mysore. There is an Intelligent Travel System implemented in by Mysore Government for a hassle free drive in the city.

Come and enjoy the city of culture, heritage and tradition which has still maintained its legacy despite the vagaries over the centuries.