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International Kite Festival at Jaipur


Rejoice the frolic and fun of a popular festival in Pink City, Jaipur of Rajasthan. The International Kite Festival is celebrated in Jaipur on the day of Makar Sankaranthi every year. Makar Sankaranthi is the day in which Sun changes its direction with longer days and shorter nights.

Moreover, Makar Sankaranthi is a religious festival celebrated across India and Indian diaspora to mark the beginning of harvesting and to thank the Sun God for good yield.

International Kite Festival is celebrated in the Polo grounds of Jaipur. Witnessing huge number of participants including global travelers, the colorful festival is with rich vibrancy and entertainment.

The entire festival is bifurcated into a Kite war and Friendly Kite Flying sessions where large number of groups and individuals participate in the sessions witnessed by thousands of audience. The winners of the competitions are honored with prizes after three days in Umaid Bahwan Palace of Royal Premises.

Crowded rooftops, fun filled rivalry to outdo each other and delicious Rajasthani cuisines are the hall marks of International Kite Festival in Jaipur.