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Kumbhalgarh - Festival of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is well known among the global travelers for its rich culture and tradition, a truly blissful one to enjoy and explore. Kumbhalgarh is one such festival commemorating the patronage of Maharana Kumbh to arts and culture during his reign.

The three days festival includes lot of fun filled activities, trade shows and performances by artistes. It is so appealing to have all categories of shows under one roof that too with the elegant backdrop of Kumbhalagrh fort, which is acclaimed to be the second largest next to the great wall of China.

The day’s schedule is in two sections. One is for encouraging the native artisans to showcase their talents in the form of jewelry, ethnic wear, handicrafts and other things. The second section is usually during the evenings when the audience are entertained with various cultural shows. The events are so engaging and vibrant that many times the onlookers join the club to stage their talents.

Kubhalgarh Festival, a colorful festival to know more about the roots of Rajasthan.