Kathakali & Martial Art Show

Duration of the Visit - 4Hrs

This truly Indian performance style involves groups of dancers taking on various roles based on Hindu mythology, especially the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. Wearing colourful costumes and expressive makeup that follows an elaborate code, characters are portrayed according to their nature. Martial Art is yet another art form where the rigorous practice in the defensive fighting mode has been existing since the ancient times during the battles.

Identify with the Colors in Kathakali

Virtuous kings and other noble male characters will typically boast a green face, but a green face mixed with red on the cheeks denotes a character of high birth who also has an evil streak. A largely red face with a flowing red beard tells you you’re looking at an extremely angry or overly nasty character, while black face makeup is reserved for woodsmen such as hunters. Lastly, women and ascetics are easy to spot due to their yellowish faces.

Programme Schedule

Once you come out of the port, our coach will take you to the cultural centre. You can watch the preparations for the Kathakali show and followed by the dance performance by the Vetaran artists. Spend a few hours off the ship to take in one of the world’s oldest forms of theatre at a traditional kathakali show. This audio-visual extravaganza will take you to the heart of Indian culture and promises to be an experience you’ll love to remember. Move to the next hall, where the live martial art show will be in progress. You can also be invited to be an active participant of this show, a spine chilling experience. After the show, you’ll return to the port and your ship to bring your culture call to a close.

Service Includes

  • Air conditioned Transportation for the above Programme with Port Entry
  • Guided (English / Language) Sightseeing as per the itinerary.
  • 2x 500ml mineral water per person on Board
  • Exclusive Kathakali dance & Martial Art show in Air conditioned Theater
  • Arrival and Departure assistance at port.
  • All government Service tax