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Veerampattinam Festival

Veerampattinam Festival

Veerampattinam wears colorful mask for six whole days, starting from first Friday to next Friday. During these days, people from all over the Tamilnadu descend on Veerampattinam and enjoy the festive vibe. It is a belief that the Amman in this temple is the guardian of all fisher men in this village, and so they pay her their tribute through commemorating this festival.

Veerampattinam Festival :

This festival continues for six days, and on each day one activity is done, including car dragging, Padayatra, milk pot lifting and many more. Every year the car festival is inaugurate by the Governor of Union Territory, after that, all the devotees group up and drag the chariot, with Goddess in it. Many families in Pondicherry have Sengazhuneer Amman as their caste deity, so they offer Sweet pudding and rice pudding to the goddess in this festival.

Day of Celebration:

This festival is celebrated on August, and continues to a week at Veerampattinam village in Pondicherry.

Travel Mode

Bus :There are surplus busses to Pondicherry from all important cities of Tamilnadu.

Train : Pondicherry railway station is nearer to this village; from the railway station take a bus or taxi to reach this village.

Airport : Pondicherry airport is well connected by national and international planes.