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Old Lighthouse Monuments

Old Lighthouse

In the past the only landmarks that provided navigators the approaching land of Pondicherry was the Red hills situated to the west of the town. In 1835, the region around mât de pavillon was chosen to the construction of the lighthouse. It was erected by L. Guerre, the engineer. The building is a fluted tower which is built above a rectangular base. The tower itself is 29 meters high and has three entrances cum exits. The light from the tower reaches out to over 29 kilometers in radius.

The tower was modified many times and is at present slightly different from whence it was built. In 1931 a rotating light which is of 1000 watt replaced the fixed light in the tower. Later in 1970 another new lighthouse was built Kirapalaiyam village and this lighthouse was abandoned. From then it came to be known as Old Lighthouse. This monument is now a museum and is situated facing the Gandhi statue and the Nehru statue.

Nearby places

Gandhi statue, Nehru statue and Keezhoor monument.

Best time to visit

November to March makes it the best time to visit this monument.

Way to reach

 By Air - The nearest airport is the Chennai airport at a distance of 115 kilometers.

 By Rail - The old lighthouse is connected by rail from the Pondicherry railway station which is just a 2 mins walk and distance under a kilometer.

 By Road - The monument is well connected by road to all major cities and towns of the country.