Telangana is declared as the separate state in the year 2014. Though it is a new formed city, it is enriched in culture, tradition and architecture. Telangana is famous for its historical past and rich tradition. People of different caste and creed live in harmony on this land as a testimonies of unity in diversity. This lovely land has now became an important tourist destinations. Along with intricate impeccable monuments, food at Telangana is also very famous.

To be specific Hyderabad biryani in Telangana scores an ace.Handicrafts are the remarkable feature of a place, which speaks the exceptional crafting skill of the people living there. These souvenirs not only adore the house but also remind us the sweet memories we had at the tour and the place we visited. Such remarkable handicrafts can be found at ample in Telangana, the state known for its rich history and culture. Even in today’s modern world, we can find lots of men who are passionate about these traditional handicrafts and do this not for livelihood but purely out of love. Be it needle craft or bronze castings, metal craft or stone craft, Telangana has a wide array of handicrafts that can become a part and parcel of your lifestyle.