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Telangana - Monuments - Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort Introduction :

Ancient hoary forts and palaces are the jewels of India. One such valuable Jewel is in the Bhongir fort. This colossal fort was built by the great Chalukya ruler, Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI. The history of this hoary fort dates back to the 10th century. In the earlier days this forts was called after the ruler’s name “ tribhuvanagiri”, later renamed as Bhuvanagiri and in meanwhile it was known as the Bhongir fort. The whole town gets its name from this splendid fort “ the town of Bhuvanagiri or Bhongir”


This massive fort sprawls across an area of 50 acres and is built 500 feet high atop a hillock. From the top view it looks roughly like an egg. A huge deep moat encircles this fort, this is to protect the fort from intruders. This moat is believed to connect the Golconda fort, which is located 50 km away. Queen Rudramadevi and her grandson Prataparudra successfully reined the kingdom, residing in this fort.

Once we reach the top the panoramic view of the city below will blow our mind. The fort flaunts incredible rare armours, stables, trap doors and other things of historical interest. Inside the fort there is a hanuman temple, beautiful ponds, lovely ornamentations and many more interesting features.

What can you experience

Bhongir fort is a great place to hang out with friends. Trekking activities are available to ascend the fort; those who love adventure can make use of it. This fort is filled with lots of historical facts and myths; hence it serves as a great place for history freaks.

Bhongir fort is known for its unique architecture and well-planned construction. This fort has seen lots of envisions, yet it stands till now as a jewel of Telangana. The stone fortifications, polished granite arches, the rock sculptures on the fortress, wide steps to the main gate, the moat encompassing the fort, the underground passage, the viewpoint citadel and everything about this fort fascinates every tourists. A visit to this fort is surely worth your time and money.

Best time to visit

Bhongir fort is open to the public from 10 Am to 5 pm on days. During summer days it may be hard to climb the hillock, so better plan your visit during wintertime.

Way to reach

Bhongir fort is located at the Nalgonda city. This Nalgonda city is well connected to the various parts of Telangana. It is well connected to Hyderabad through rail and road. There are lots of regular buses to Nalgonda from Hyderabad main bus station and regular trains ply to and fro. Private taxis, luxury buses and cabs are also available to this city. From Nalgonda this fort can be easily reached. There are lots of autos and busses available to this fort.