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Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

A secluded animal kingdom and home to picturesque view to retreat is Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary located in Adilabad district of Telangana. Kawal wildlife sanctuary is home to dense and dry forests with majorly teak, bamboo and many other varieties of trees.

Cheetal, Sambar, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Sloth Beer, Panther, Indian Bison and Tiger are the prominently spotted animals. Kawal Wildlife sanctuary is one of the oldest sanctuaries in northern Telangana and your trip with little planning will indeed be awesome.

A jeep drive into the dense forest will show you the gorgeous beauty of nature. You will be spotting various wild animals, wandering in their own habitat. If you choose to surf at the early hours, chances are more to spot even tigers.

A 90 minutes’ drive will suffice a traveller for a complete exploration of the forest region. It is indeed surprising to know that Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is also a Tiger Reserve Area with rich and varied population of Cheetahs.

Historians record that before being declared as a wildlife sanctuary which is located at a distance of 50km from Mancherial and approximately 300 kms from Hyderabad, the entire area was a hunting ground for the erstwhile Nizams ruling the region. Owing to the decrease in the number of tigers due to various ecological and social reasons, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a Tiger Reserve Area and it is a prominent catchment region for River Kadem, a tributary of River Mighty Godavari.

The untouched and uninhabited regions of Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is worth exploring to find the actual essence of the forest exhibiting wilderness beauty together.

June is earmarked for the monsoon to commence, adding life to the forest, witnessing which, indeed will be a blissful one. The period between June and September will be ideal time to plan a deep exploration into the dense woods, opt for jeep safari for spotting the wild, and also for bird watching sessions which are really worth the time you spend amidst the wonders.

Don’t forget to include Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary while preparing the list of destinations to explore in Telangana for this vacation.