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Discover Khammam: Legends, Lakes, and Landmarks in Telangana

Lakaram Lake

The name "Khammam" derives from an engaging legend involving the Hindu deity Lord Narasimha, a fierce incarnation of Lord Vish Ardent devotion. The legend narrates that Narasimha killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu on a hill to save his devout follower Prahalad.

The pillar from which Lord Narasimha is said to have emerged is known as Kamba. The town that developed at the base of this pillar was initially named Kambamettu, which eventually evolved into Khammam.

Khammam boasts numerous historical sites and iconic landmarks that draw many visitors from surrounding areas, especially when the weather is favorable.

Among these, Khammam Lake stands out, located merely 4 km from the bus stand. Over the past 15 years, what was once an overlooked area cluttered with dead trees has been transformed into a scenic picnic destination. The Lake View Park, adjacent to Lakaram Lake, further enhances the area's appeal.

Activities such as bird watching, relaxing with family and friends, picnicking, and boat riding make Lakaram Lake a popular choice among tourists visiting this historically significant region of Telangana.

Other noteworthy attractions in and around Khammam include the Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple, Swami Ayyappa Temple, Dhanvayi Gudem Park, and Palair Reservoir.

The best time to visit Khamam is from October to March when the climate is most pleasant. Hyderabad, the nearest airport, is 200 km away. Khammam also has a well-connected railway station, facilitating easy travel to this destination.

Consider dedicating a few hours to Lakaram Lake's banks during your next trip to Telangana.


What is the origin of the name "Khammam," and what legend is associated with it?

The name "Khammam" originates from the legend of Lord Narasimha, who is said to have emerged from a pillar (Kamba) after defeating the demon king Hiranyakashipu. The town grew around this pillar, initially named Kambamettu, later evolving into Khammam.

What makes Lakaram Lake a popular attraction in Khammam?

Located just 4 km from the bus stand, Lakaram Lake has transformed into a scenic picnic spot and birdwatching destination over the past 15 years. The nearby Lake View Park adds to its charm, offering activities like boating and family picnics.

What are some other notable attractions in Khammam?

Khammam offers a variety of historical sites and landmarks including the Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple, Swami Ayyappa Temple, Dhanvayi Gudem Park, and Palair Reservoir, attracting visitors interested in culture, history, and natural beauty.

When is the best time to visit Khammam?

The ideal time to visit Khammam is from October to March when the weather is most pleasant, making it perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the region's attractions.

How can travelers reach Khammam?

Khammam is well-connected by rail, with its own railway station facilitating easy access for travelers. For those flying in, Hyderabad, approximately 200 km away, is the nearest airport.