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Exploring West India: The Unique Charm of Its Four States

Right from the most happening state of Goa to the culturally rich Gujarat, Western part of India has lot of treasures to attract tourists from India and abroad. The vibrant cultures, historic heritages, lifestyles, cuisines and festivals all make the region an ideal one to explore and experience. If you are an avid person to go deep into the roots of diversities in India, then Western part of India will be the right choice to visit. Goa, Daman and Diu are the locations embraced with the cultures of Portuguese and Dutch and country side charms spread across indeed fascinate every tourist visiting this region. The grand architectures, unending expanse of deserts, grand architecturally elegant temples, palaces and forts across the regions give a magical touch to your tour. Visiting Western India is not just a travel, it is all about the experiences you will be going through!

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