Irumbai Shiva

Temple’s Peculiarity:

This temple is hailed as one of the Thevara stalas, with Lord Siva as the prime effigy. This temple is a hoary one but now renovated into a stunning temple. This temple is anchored a few kilometers from Auroville village.


Prathosam, Shivaratri, Karthigai, Brahmotsavam, and Thaipusam are some of the notable festivals commemorated in this temple. Local decorate this temple with Rangoli kolams and flowers during special occasions.

Special Offerings:

People offer Villva leaves, milk, coconut, and sandal to the God and there will be also Swarna abhishekam, Milk abhishekam, Sandal abhishekam, Panner abhishekam and Mixed Fruit abhishekam.


The legend has it that, eons ago a pious Kaduveli siddhar performed diligent penance towards Lord Shiva. Due to his powerful penance unbearable heat came out from his body and made the place dry, people of this village couldn’t bear the heat, ergo decided to disturb his penance. A dancer girl took the task of retrieving the Siddhar from his penance, after a great struggle she stopped him from his meditation. Then the rain started pouring down making all the people happy, to pay tribute to the Lord the dancer girl dance the Nataraja dance, and at that point siddhar realized that the dancer girl was none other than Lord Siva himself , so he touched her feet. But all the people star to criticize for touching a dancers girl’s leg, to prove his innocence he swear God to appear before him at once the Linga inside the shrine shattered to million pieces and proved his devotion.


This temple is kept open from 6 am to 12 am then from 5 pm to 9 pm.


The peculiarity in this temple is that the broken pieces of Siva Linga are woven together by copper threads. There is also a Subramaniya swami shrine adjacent to Siva’s shrine. The path to this temple is picturesque filled with coconut trees, grand Banyan trees and lovely ambiance.


This sublime temple is anchored at Irumbai village near Auroville International town.

Nearby Temples:

This temple is near to Auroville and Aurobindo Ashram.

Travel Mode

Buses from Chennai will take you to Pondicherry. This temple is situated a few kilometers from Pondicherry bus stand; there are local busses to this temple.


Pondicherry has railway station from where there are local busses to this temple.


The nearest airport is in Chennai.

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