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Christmas Christmas, a festival celebrated across the world jubilantly remembering birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December. People following Christianity celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ and also expects His Second Coming, to make the entire world more flourished.

Months before Christmas, most of the countries where the major faith is Christianity, wear the festive look and from November onwards, Christmas holidays begin. Every house and shop is decorated with stars symbolising the stars appeared when Jesus was born.

The night before the Christmas, people assemble in the churches for the midnight prayers. It will be wonderful to see people coming with gorgeous costumes and children playing across , creating a mood of celebration everywhere.

After the midnight prayers and offering the gratitude for the birth of Jesus, the next day will be for a grand feast at every house. Biryani, Cake and Christmas celebrations are inseparable. In a country like India, where people strongly believe in the concept of “Unity in Diversity”, you will be moved to see a Christian family sharing their best moments with families of other beliefs with delicious feast and eclectic chats. Of course, happiness increases when shared.

All festivals aim to bring in peace and harmony everywhere despite the differences in caste, creed and religion. Christmas is one such festival rejuvenating the spirit of unity in every individual. Christmas, Celebrations Everywhere !