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Karnataka Art Forms

Karnataka is popular among the global travellers for the exquisite monuments, which are the strongest testimonies for the vibrant and historically rich heritage of Karnataka. The most prominent of all is the group of monuments at Hampi, which was once the world's second richest city next to Vatican. Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagara Dynasty on the banks of River Thungabadra. The remains of this group of monuments include some of the classic architectures. Pattadakkal is yet another group of monuments with the splendid architectures and intricately designed sculptures.

Besides these UNESCO listed World Heritage Monuments, Karnataka is home for many other monuments drawing tourists from all corners of the globe round the year. Choubara tower established at the heart of the Bidar town, Bidar Fort at the edge of Bidar town which houses historic monuments, Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur, an exquisite Islamic architecture, Aihole temples, Badami Cave temples, temples at Belur and Halbedu are some of the other interesting monuments to marvel. World's largest monolithic statue at Gomateshwara temple and the grandest mysore palace are the touristic icons of Karnataka.