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Beesu Kamsale - Art form of Karnataka


Have you ever come across Male Mahadeswara temple, also called as Male Mahadeswara Hill Temple in Karnataka? This temple is the epicentre of Beesu Kamsale, an ancient art form related to the worship of Lord Male Mahadeshwara.

Also called as Kamsale Nrutya, the religious art form is usually performed by a group of 10 or 12 people, that too near or inside the temple premises. Kamsale is a disc made of bronze and for performing Beesu Kamsale, everyone in the group needs a pair of such discs which when hitting one another gives out melodious sounds accompanying the songs glorifying Lord Male Mahadeshwara.

Performing Beesu Kamsale requires a blend of spiritual inclination, physical agility and aesthetic sublimity, as Kamsale Nrutya involves singing and dancing in a rhythms while playing kamsale in a very charismatic way with a complete devotion to the Lord. It is a usual practice to select young males from Halu Kuruba community who are staunch devotees of Lord Shiva and dedicate rest of their lives to this art form after getting Diiksha from the Gurus.

It is indeed blissful to watch the group of artistes to sing verses on Lord Male Mahadeshwar accompanied by the rhythmic sounds from Kamsale and graceful dancing steps. The scenic location at a height of 3000 ft above sea level where the temple for Lord Male Mahadeshwar is located attracts devotees from Karnataka and Tamilnadu and the number of visitors surge drastically during the annual festival at the time of Deepavali. People worship Lord Shiva and enjoy vibrant Kamsale Nrutya for all the three days.