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International Yoga Festival


The Government of Pondicherry conducts an annual international Yoga festival every year. This festival brings in participants from all over the world between the 4th to 7th January every year. The festival includes talks, discussions, exchange of ideas, consultation and demonstration of techniques. Classical Indian dance and music programme every day.

Yoga Festival:

The two world renowned yoga institutions in Pondicherry are the Aurobindo Ashram and the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research, also known as the Ananda Ashram.

More than 500 delegates from within and outside the country will present demonstrations and participate in the lectures or workshops held as part of the festival.

Day of Celebration:

This festival is commemorated on every January from 4th to 7th, on this day people from all over the world gather in Pondicherry meditation hall and indulge in meditation.

Travel Mode

Bus : Pondicherry can be easily accessed from all important cities; there are lots of bus facilities from Chennai and Vellore to Pondicherry.

Train : Pondicherry railway station is just few kms away, it is best to take a taxi or Auto to reach the ashram.

Airport : Pondicherry has an international airport, which is connected with both local and international planes.