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Pongal Festival in Tamilnadu

The Pongal festival which normally falls during the second week of January every year. This is otherwise called as the Harvest Festival or the Thanks giving ceremony. Farmers offer their prayers to the Sun God for the abundant harvest in the most recent season and also they worship Him for a prosperous season ahead. The Pongal festival is celebrated in a grand manner in Tamil Nadu and the other states across the country. The Indian Diaspora in other countries also celebrate Pongal Festival in a very significant manner. From 2017 onwards, January 14 has been observed as Pongal Day as per the bill passed in the American Senate.

Pongal is actually a four days long celebration. According to Hindu Philosophy, the day of Pongal is actually called as Makara Sankaranthi when the Sun starts its journey towards the Equinox termed as Utharayanam.

The celebrations for Pongal commences actually a day before Makar Sankaranthi and it is called as Boghi. People start cleaning their houses and clearing the unwanted things. The scientific fact behind Boghi is that, when we keep our living place clean and hygienic, we can lead a healthy life. Unused dresses, utensils and other things are taken away and this is the highlight of Boghi.

On the day of Makar Sankaranthi, poojas and rituals are done for the Sun God. Sweets and savories are made using the newly harvested rice and is offered to the God with the prayers for the next successful season. Sugar cane symbolizes the Pongal festival and the term Pongal in Tamil is synonymous to abundant or overflowing. Eventually , this festival is celebrated mainly to thank the Sun God for a wonderful yield and pray to Him for the prosperous season in the near future.

The day next to Pongal is called as Maattu Pongal. As Pongal is a very important festival for farmers, due reverence is given for the buffalos and bulls as well as they are inevitable in a farmer’s life. The buffaloes are decorated beautifully and you can enjoy the contests on Taming the Bull in almost all the villages. The celebrations will be at its peak in the southern village of Tamilnadu called Alanganallur.  Special poojas are done to the buffalos and bulls as they are part and parcel of a farmer and his family.

The last of the Pongal Celebrations is called as Kaanum Pongal. It means the reunion of the friends and families. People tend to share the delicacies with their friends and families and  this will be rejuvenating the relationships among their friends and family members.

Come and be a part of the Pongal Celebrations which will tell you lots of stories told and retold.