Madhavari Fair Festival - Gujarat

Madhavari Fair Festival

Held near the historic and legendary town of Porbandar in Gujarat, Madhavari Fair is a beautiful festival that celebrates the marriage of Lord Krishna with Rukmini.

This fair takes place in the sleepy village of Madhavpur which becomes alive during the Madhavari Fair. In this slumber hamlet of Gujarat, Lord Krishna made the nuptial knot to his beloved nymph Rukmini.

Madhavpur Fair, held at Madhavpur, situated in Gujarat, India, is a perfect place to witness an informative and interesting look into the modest lifestyle and culture of the Mer Tribes.

Mer Tribes act out their marriages with the same soulmate and it creates an ineffable atmosphere and curiosity to experience the wholesome activities and celebrations of this enormous fair. Porbandar-Dholar and Jamnagar-Junagadh railway line are nearby connectors respectively.