Karnataka Tour Packages

Karnataka, the land of Deccan Kingdom boasts some of the wonderful destinations frequented by the global travellers. Mysore popularly known for its gorgeous palace, Dussehra festival, pageant of caparisoned elephants mesmerises the onlookers. If you want to travel back to the glorious past of Karnataka, then visit Hampi, which was once the second richest city next to Vatican. The ruins of Hampi tells you bundles of tales about Vijayanagara dynasty and its unmatched valour.

Marvel the temple architectures in Pattadakal, Badami, Belur and Halabeid, where the unique style of placing the temples above the star shaped platform was in place, the very rarely seen one. If you are a nature lover or adventure seeker, choose Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary and zoom into the lives across the woods, spot the wild animals at a close proximity while you are on an early morning jeep safari. Never afford to miss, Namdroling Monastery at Bylakuppe, the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. The entire region of Bylakuppe is flooded with Buddhist across all ages interacting with you throwing light on Buddhism. Explore the Deccan Kingdom with a perfect tour plan from South Tourism.