Dholavira Heritage Site - Gujarat

Dholavira Heritage Site

Just seven hours away from Ahmedabad, Dholavira is at the farthest ends of the arid stretch of Rann of Kutch. Amidst the Salt Pans, like an oasis found nomad, a traveller would come across one of the most profound Mega cities of the Harappan Culture, Dholavira. More than 4000 years old, Dholavira was continuously operating for more than 1200 years.

Around 1956, JP Joshi began to implant the seeds of excavation of Dholavira but only after 35 years in 1990, RS Bischt started the excavation of the oldest Harappan cities. Like many older civilizations such as Keeladi and ancient cities like Madurai, Dholavira had also steadily contributed to culture in terms of rudimentary pots, a perfect drainage system, and monumental structures. Dholavira was once a well-planned town.

How to reach Dholavira Heritage Site

Rail : The nearest railway station to Dholavira is Bhuj and there are stations in Bhachau and Samakhiali Junction, relatively close to Rapar.

Air : Bhuj Airport is the nearest airport to Dholavira and so make use of private cabs to reach this archaeologically renowned destination in the western part of India.

Road : You can get buses from Bhuj to Rapar while it is the nearest and major destination to get Dholavira where buses run from early morning to sunset.