Aurangabad - Tourist Places of Maharashtra


The city blessed by nature and man-made wonders is Aurangabad, dotted with monuments, forts and lot more in the list. Home to the world renowned monuments Ajanta and Ellora, Aurangabad attracts travelers round the year.Let us know about some of the popular locations of Maharashtra, which are absolutely fascinating to any traveler.

Ellora Caves : The most prominent tourist attraction of Aurangabad sprawling across TWO acres is Ellora Caves, home for 6th century cave temples. Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism were in harmony and is depicted in these cave temples. 12 Buddhist temples, 17 Hindu temples and 5 Jain temples are very close to each other, speaking about communal harmony existed then. Explore the ancient monuments, an awesome experience indeed.

Ajanta Caves : Admire the paintings, explore the secrets behind the ever glowing and fresh paintings by the ancestors still attracting everyone even after many centuries. Ajanta Caves is UNESCO World Heritage Site thronged by the local and global travelers, a prominent tourist attraction in Aurangabad. The major events of Life of Buddha and essence of Buddhism can never be explained better than these antique paintings.

Grishneshwar Temple : One of the three jyotirlinga temples in Maharashtra, Grishneshwar temple witnesses lot of devotees and tourists to this ancient temple. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the temple is very proximal to Ellora caves. The architecture of this temple is an awe inspiring one, receiving universal admirations despite partial ruins by Mughal invasions.

Bani Begam Bagh : Feel your spirits soaring high, seeing Bani Begam Bagh, a lush green landscape, set up by the grandson of Emperor Aurangazeb. Staying here for some time will relax your nerves amidst your busy set of tour plans. Aurangabad has much more to offer to every visitor, which will truly be an exotic experience.