Mumbai - Tourist Places of Maharashtra


Experience the versatility of Mumbai, with its vibrant culture, heritage, architecture, natural wonders and man - made skyscrapers, all in one city. Mumbai, previously known as Bombay is one of the biggest cities in the world next to New York, London and Tokyo.

Mumbai is world’s one of the busiest cities and the most visited destination of Maharashtra. Mumbai assures every visitor a wholesome experience with its wonderful touristy locations dotted across the magic city. Following are some of the prominent locations which every traveler should not afford to miss.

Gateway of India : This 85 meter tall structure was built in memory of St.George the Fifth’s visit to Mumbai. The blend of Hindu, Islam and European architectures make this monument a unique one. Travelers take ferries after visiting Gateway of India, and proceed to visit Elephanta Caves. There is no entrance fee to visit this monument. This popular British architecture can be visited on all days.

Elephanta Caves : Elephanta Caves, existing from 600 AD is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Elephanta Caves are home for statues of Hindu Gods, Buddhist Stupas, symbolizing the religious harmony existed in the bygone era. It will take approximately forty-five minutes to reach Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India in a ferry and you can spend around three hours to experience the mystic beauty of this ancient Heritage Site. Explore the caves welcoming you with the ancient sculptures, testimonials to the skills of yesteryears’ artisans. Also admire the Stupas and witness the statues in museum. Plan to visit Elephanta Caves on any day between Tuesday and Sunday.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus : One of the stylish railway stations in India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus reflects the Gothic architecture, which was constructed in 1897, listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Previously named as Victoria Terminus, the busiest station is recently named after the Great Maratha Ruler Chatrapati Shivaji. Though you don’t have any plans to board the trains there, just spare few hours from your schedule and explore this grand railway station and you can never resist loving it. Also visit Kitab Mahal and grab the books from the wide range of collections from Anthropology to Ayurveda.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park : One of the most visited National Park with in influx of not less than TWO million people per year is Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With a vibrant history, rich heritage, flora and fauna, this park attracts visitors from all parts of the country and beyond. The park has lot of things to offer to every visitor like, Boating, Walking Trails, Tiger and Lion Safari, a visit to the temple of Trimurthis, jolly ride on a narrow gauge train and visit to the Viharas and you have lot more to enjoy in Sanjay Gandhi National ParkBesides these attractions, Karvi shrub is the most prominent one, blossoming once in eight years, covers the entire forest with lavender colored flowers. The park is kept opened from 7.30am to 6.30pm.

Mumbai has lot of other tourist attractions which can make your visit an exquisite one. The list may include, Fort Bessein, Bhau Daji Lad City Museum, Flora Fountains, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Vipassana Pagoda, Beaches and Markets of Mumbai, world’s largest open air laundromat Dhobi Ghat and much more. Plan for an exotic tour to Mumbai, the financial capital of India.