Thousand pillar temple

Thousand pillar temple is one of the oldest temples in south India is located in telangana state. It is located at hanamakonda town. This temple signifies that the ancient people are an excellent architect.


It was built by the great Kakatiya ruler, Rudra Deva in 1163AD. It consists of thousand pillars. It is said that the construction took over for almost 72years. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva, lord Vishnu and lord Surya. It is one of the masterpiece of Kakatiya. This temple was destroyed by Mughal Empire during their invasion.


The temple looks like a star shape and has the three major shrines inside. These three major shrines are called as “Trikutalayam”. As the name defines, it consists of thousand pillars and each pillar is beautifully carved. Some of the sculptures describes the ancient epics. People can view gods anywhere in the temple. At the entrance of lord Shiva shrine, a giant bull Nandi carving is seen. Apart from this, many rock-cut monuments is seen.

Temple timings:

You can get the blessings of lord Shiva, lord Vishnu and lord Surya from 5AM to 9PM.

Other deities:

Apart from main deities, other important gods are also seen.


How to reach thousand pillar temple:

Thousand pillar temple is located at Hanamakonda which is 8km from the city of Warangal.

By road:

The roads are well connected and the distance from Warangal to hanamakonda is just 6.1km.

By train:

You can get the Warangal train which is nearest to hanamakonda. The distance from Warangal to hanamakonda is just 4kms.

By flight:

The nearest airport from hanamakonda is Hyderabad airport. It takes just 2 hrs to reach hanamakonda by flight.

Other attractions in hanamakonda:

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