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Kerala Temples

Kerala, as per the legends and historic references, was created by Warrior Saint Parasurama, is the most spectacular state in South India and is the most frequented state by global travellers acclaiming it as God's Own Counrty .

Yes, you will come to know when you tour across the state the title is indeed true after witnessing lush green spice and tea plantations, snow capped mountains, gleaming backwaters and lagoons and lot more in the list. Besides the abundant beauty of nature, Kerala is well known for the temples which are quite peculiar in their architecture and unique worshipping methods which are vastly varied from the neighbouring states like Kerala. The festivals of Kerala have the temples and elephants as the epicentres. Some of the popular temples of Kerala are Ayyappan temple at Sabarimala, witnessing millions of devotees every year, Krishnan temple at Guruvayur, Padmanabha swamy temple and Attukkal Baghavathi Amman temple at Trivandrum ,Mannarasala Nagar temple, Vadakkunnathan temple at Thrissur, Sivagiri temple at Varkala, Mahadeva temple at Vaikom, Amman temple at Chottinikkara are the in the list of “Must See” temples while touring in Kerala. Every temple in Kerala still follow the spiritual codifications framed in the ancient days and many of the festivals involve people without any barriers of caste, creed and religion.