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Navagraha Tour Package - Plan a Trip to the 9 Famous Navagraha Temples

Navagraha Tour Package is the perfect way to discover the spiritual beauty of some of India’s most famous temples. Visit 9 temples dedicated to different planets in Hindu astrology and dazzle the architecture, culture and spirituality. We provide you with a perfect itinerary for your trip, complete with hotel stays, temple visits and transportation from one place to another.

Features: - All-inclusive guided tour package. - Preplanned hotels and meals included in 6 days worth of tour package for all 9 destinations. - Entrances fees are covered in the price including bus fares and train tickets to reach each destination. Benefits: - Gain an understanding of rich cultural heritage while exploring temples in traditional local communities. - Enjoy comfortable stay as we have taken care of hotel reservations in advance so no hassle checking-in again and again at new location. - Experienced guides will accompany you who can explain the significance of each temple visit properly so that you can gain maximum knowledge regarding each stop.

Day 1 : Arrive – Trichy – Kumbakonam

Arrive at Trichy Airport. Our representative would receive you and introduce our driver to you. Further proceed with your drive to Thingaloor to visit Chandran temple (The Moon). The presiding deity is the Moon, however, the main god is Lord Shiva in the name of Kailasanathar. Then drive to Alangudy to visit Guru Temple (The Jupiter).

This temple is the home of Devguru Brihaspathi or the planet Jupiter. Gifting yellow garments here is considered sacred. The transition of Jupiter from one zodiac to another's constellation is celebrated here as a big festival.

After noon visit Sooriyanar Temple (The Sun) which is dedicated to the Sun. This temple is venerated for its pujas which that cure malefic effects of Saturn (shani), reduces hurdles in marriage, helps in good education and career goals and removes putra dosham etc. Then visit Sukran Temple (The Venus) at Kanchanoor. The presiding diety is Lord Shiva in the form of Agniswarar. The common belief is that Lord Shiva is all- pervading and that Venus (Sukra deity) is located within the stomach of Lord Shiva. Overnight stay in Kumbakonam.

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Day 2: Kumbakonam – Thirunallaru – Kumbakonam

Morning visit Raagu temple at Tirunageswaram Sri Naganathaswamy Temple. In this temple, Lord Rahu is seen with a human face which is its unique feature. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva, worshipped as Lord Naganathaswamy. A fascinating aspect in this temple is that during milk Abhishekam, the milk when poured over the idol of Lord Rahu turns Blue and is considered to be a miracle that attracts a lot of devotees from distant places. A visit to this temple is considered very auspicious as it diminishes the malefic effect of Rahu.

Next visit Saneeswara Temple (The Saturn) at Thirunallar. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva but the temple is known for Lord Saneeswaran [Saturn] who is the doorkeeper here for Shiva. It is believed you can only see Lord Shiva after seeking bessing from Saneeswaran. In this temple you can see Saneeswaran posing his hands as Abhayahastha, which means he offers blessings to his devotees.

Afternoon visit Kethu temple at Keezhaperumpallam. Lord Shiva is the main god in this temple, Lord Kethu is present in the form of Human body and serpent head and is specially offered with offerings like Lilly flowers, horse gram (Kollu), and multi colored cloths. Drive back to Kumbakonam for overnight stay.

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Day 3: Kumbakonam – Vaitheeswarankoil – Kumbakonam

Morning drive to Vaitheeswaran koil, visit Sevvai temple (The Mars) . the temple is well-known for Angarakan. To offer him with red colored clothes, fruits and lentils is believed to rescue the devotees from the ill effects of all planetary transitions.

Afternoon visit Budhan temple (The Mercury) at Thiruvenkadu. Budhan bestows wisdom and intellect among Nine Planets. Offering puja to Bhudan on Wednesdays rectifies Bhuda Dhosham. People get relief from puthira dosham, difficulties in studies, mental instability, and nervous disorders by visiting the temple. Knowledge, music, medicine, language skills are the beneficial aspects of Bhudan. Return to Kumbakonam for overnight stay.

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Day 4: Kumbakonam to Trichy airport

Post breakfast at the hotel, based on your departure flight schedule, you will be transferred to Trichy airport.

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FAQ for Navagraha temple tour

South Tourism specializes in offering tailor made tour packages. The tour plans suggested can be customized based on your interests and requirements. Our tour planners well versed in crafting tour packages will assist you for the same. In case of any changes in the fixed tour plans to be made kindly reach us at [email protected]

Most of the drivers in South Tourism have been with us for more than a decade. They speak English and many of them are able to manage communications in Hindi also. We call our drivers as “Captains” and they do give their best. Our captains are experts in the routes they are assigned and they can give you value added information whenever required.

No such cases with our clients has been reported so far all these years. We at South Tourism have our own large fleet of vehicles ranging from Sedans to Coaches and Large Coaches. None of the vehicles in the fleet is more than three years old. All the vehicles are well maintained and air conditioned following the norms enforced by the Government from time to time. Every client of South Tourism is assured of a hassle free travel throughout their tour with us.

Generally, while booking a tour with us, every client can choose the hotel from the list of options displayed. Based on your choice, the hotel bookings will be done. Any amendments in that can be clarified with the tour planner directly after the bookings are made.

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Twin Sharing is two single beds in a room. Whereas, Double Sharing is either a King Sized or Queen Sized bed which can accommodate two adults. Based on your requirements, either of them can be availed.