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Karnataka - Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple

Sri Durga Parameshwari

Kateel, A famous pilgrimage and tourist Centre is situated on the banks on river Nandhini, it is surrounded panoramic scenes and beautiful hills. The temple Kateel is dedicated to goddess Durga Parameshwari also known as Bhraamare(big, furious bee). The temple is located 26 Kms north of Mangalore city in Dakshina Karnataka and it is considered as one of the Holiest temple in Hinduism. This holy place attracts thousands of devotees from all over. During rainy seasons, the river Nandhini flows and gushes like a python. The Nature surrounding the temple is a real treat to watch during this time.

The Name Kateel:

The word Kati Which means ‘Centre’ between the 'Kanakagiri',( birthplace of river Nandhini and the end) and lla which means land. Thus the place is called Katti +lla Kateel.

Main Festivals:

  • Annual festival : This festival comes in the month of April and celebrated 8 Days with unique feature in each day.
  • Laksha Depotsava : Festivals of lights is celebrated on the day of Kathika Bahula Panchami Masa. 
  • Yakshagana : Since Goddess Durga was a dancing damsel in the garden, ‘ Yakshagana’ , A popular dance of Karnataka is enacted here. 

Distances from Kateel :

  • Mangalore – 30 Kms.
  • Udupi – 45 Kms.