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Karnataka - Murudeshwara Temple


Whats so special?

If you want to witness the world's largest Siva idol, then veer to Murudeshwara. The stunning colossal Siva idol awaits for your visit. Other than that this temple backs the first place in having the tallest Raja Kopura in India. This splendid divine space has the best picturesque scenery and lovely ambiance.


The folk tale of Murudheswara swings back to Ramayana era. It was the time of Ramayana war, Ravana the antagonist of the plot, is an ardent Siva devotee. He in order to gain immortality underwent a diligent penance towards lord Siva. Being pleased with his peerless devotion Lord Siva granted him the Atma Linga- the source of immortality, with a condition that he should never place it on ground, till he reaches SriLankan. Vishnu, knowing all these wanted Ravana to lose his boon, so he played a trick on him. With his Chakra he shielded the sun and makes it appear like dawn, Ravana though it was evening and he went for his evening Pooja, handing over the Atma Linga to a Brahmin boy and asked him to keep it till he returns. This Brahmin boy is none other than Lord Ganesha; he places the Atma Linga down and vanished, when Ravana came back he was speechless with rage. Then he found that he was fooled and wanted to destroy the Atma Linga, but he couldn't even shake it, at last using all his strength he tore of the outer shroud of Atma Linga and hurled it 32 km away on the Kanduka hills, were later on a temple was erected and named Murudeshwarar.


This temple is encased on all three sides by Arabia Sea, the 249 feet Raja Kopura is sheer work of excellence and the statue of Siva in sitting posture make the onlookers tongue tied, adding to it the two life size elephants on either sides of the threshold gives the temple a majestic look. This temple is fully furnished with modern amenities and there are is even lift facilities inside the Raja Kopura for the better view of Lord Murudeshwara.

Unique Features:

The piece of Original Atma Linga is believed to buried two feet underground; devotees can visit this Linga and can do self pooja to the Lord.


All Siva festivals are commemorated here in a grand manner. Especially, Shivaratri, Pradosham, and Diwali are quite famous.

Nearby Temples:

Lord Shiva Statue, Venkatapur Temple, Lakshmi Temple, and Shree Shaba Somesh Temple are most famous temples near Murudeshwara Temple.

How To Reach

Bus : You can take the NH-206 to Honnavar and then NH-17 to Murudeshwara. You have to take the National Highway NH-17, if you travel from Mumbai to Mangalore.

Train : Konkan Railway gives access to Murudeshwara station. Some trains from Mumbai and Mangalore stop here.

Airport : Mangalore International Airport is 165 km away from Murudeshwara. Hubli and Panaji are also some of nearby airports.