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kathakali Kathakali is the trademark of Kerala. The vibrant colors, eye catching make up, vivid expressions, elaborate dressing, subtle movements, excellent message and what not, Kathakali is a great recreational art in India. More that entertainment, it brings alive all the mythology of India. Through Kathakali, millions of people all over the world come to know the incredible myths of India. This amazing dace form is a combination of drama, dance and music. The whole dance focuses on the expression of the dancers. Make up of Kathakali is diverse it includes, thecha vesham (painted make-up), thadi vesham (bearded make-up), kari vesham (black make-up) and minukku vesham (polished make-up).Thecha vesham is again sub-divided into pach vesham (gree make-up), representing morally excellent characters and kathi vesham (knife make-up), representing evil characters. The actors personify themselves as the mythological characters they are playing and dance with all passion and vigor.