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Kathakali - Artform of Kerala

kathakali One of the best sought after art forms of Kerala is Kathakali. Your tour to Kerala will not be complete without experiencing the magical moments of Kathakali, performed by the seasoned artistes. Hours are consumed for the make up alone and the accessories they carry weigh in Kilos.

The artistes take it as a penance to undergo the process before the actual performance starts.Kathakali is an art form of enacting significant events described in Great Hindu Epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha in the form of dance-drama.

Enjoying the performances of the artistes showcasing the events without a single dialogue is very impressive to understand and visualise. More importantly, none of the artistes are females and it is a protocol strictly adhered to that even the female characters are done by male artistes.

Kathakali is performed with voices behind the screen narrating the story, and dancers mime for the narration. The costumes for Kathakali include a full skirt, heavy jacket, ornaments and garlands and on top of everything a heavy headgear. It can be vividly seen that the young boys and other male artistes dedicate their lives for the perfect