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Koratty Muthy Feast in Kerala

Koratty Muthy Feast

Koratty Muthy - popular pilgrimage center in Trissur

Koratty Muthy Forane Church is situated at Koratty village in Trissur district. This is one of the popular pilgrimage center in Trissur after Velankanni & Koratty Muthy is a local interpretation of Virgin Mary. Koratty is a beautiful village in Trissur.

Koratty Muthy Feast is an annual festival which will be organized in the second week of October. This grand feast is a dedication to Koratty Muthy (Virgin Mary).Throughout the feast devoted organized Cultural Programs & events in the church. This is one of the feast which is attended by thousands of devotes from different parts of the world. The primary devotees include The Ill and the infirm, Distressed Damsels yearning for their Partners in life & parents longing for children

Not only during the feast days but also throughout the year the church will be filled with devotees those who are seeking the blessings of Virgin Mary.