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Thidambu Nirtham in Kerala

Thidambu Nirtham

Thidambu Nirtham - A Temple Festival in Kerala

Thidambu Nirtham is a popular temple festival in Kannur & some parts of Kozhikode also. In Thidambu Nirtham Various stages of dances are involved and the main dancer is usually accompanied by group of artists , playing drums & couple of men holding traditional brass lamps. The Main features of Thidambu Nirtham is the dancer carrying the decorated image of the presiding deity (Thidambu).There would be a particular dress code for Thidambu Nirtham.

The dancers used to wear frilled skirt ,Silk Top , Ornaments & decorated head gear called Ushnipeetam. This art form is performed both inside & outside of the temple.

North Malabar and Kasargod districts are the epicenters of Thidambu Nritham festival of Kerala, acclaimed as God’s Own Country. Kerala being the hotspot for international tourists houses plethora of attractions, rituals, customs, cuisines, festivals and lifestyles, attracting people from all parts of the globe. One such popular festival of Kerala is Thidambu Nritham festival, which includes vibrant dance forms performed in the temples.

The annual poojas and rituals taking place in various temples, especially where Goddess Kali is the presiding deity. Thidambu is nothing but the form of deity taken out of the temple in a procession. Thidambu nritham deserves a special mention here for various aspects like the costume of dancers, their mesmerizing footsteps and wonderful background scores.

The costume of dancers is a must to mention here. They wear skirts decorated with pleated clothes and a silk vest. The team of ten dancers wear gorgeous bangles, earrings, necklaces and ushnipeetam, a kind of turban. Dancers and the onlookers get into a trance state when the drums are in full swing and so is the rhythmic footsteps of the team.

Though what we enjoy nowadays is not the replica of the traditional one, Tidambu Nritham holds its sanctity, generating a holy atmosphere around with lots of lamps being lit, statue of Goddess in procession and the rhythmic movements of dancers.

Tidambu Nritham is one of the “Must See” performances during your visit to Kerala.