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St. Angelo Fort - Monuments in Kerala

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort is located in Kannur, is one of the 14 districts in the state of Kerala. Kannur district is also known as the land of looms and lores, because of the loom industries functioning in the district and festivals held in temples. The district is a major centre of Theyyam and ritual dance of northern Kerala.

St. Angelo Fort (also Known as Kannur Fort or Kanuur Kotta), is a fort facing the Arabian sea and it is situated 03 Km from the town of kannur. It is separated from the sea by a huge wall, it is triangular in shape and made of laterite stone. This fort was constructed by the viceroy of Portuguese named Don Francisco De Almeida. Inside the fort there are rooms for punishing the prisoners, they are kept in dark rooms which had just a hole for supplying the food. Once the food is supplied that hole will be closed and the prisoner has to sit in the dark. There is also a chapel inside the fort.

At present some parts of the fort has collapsed, even then it is not in a bad state. As this is a historical monument many tourists visit this fort. It is very beautiful to take a view of the sea and the surroundings from the top of the fort.

Tourists are allowed entry to the fort every day of the week between 08.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs. There is no entry free for the Fort also Video camera and still camera allowed with free of cost

This Fort is known locally as Kannur Kota. In 1790, this Fort was taken over by the British and they turned it as the main army center in the Malabar region. Kannur Fort is a most important historical monument which is now preserved under the Archaeological Survey of India. The Kannur Cantonment is among the 62 cantonments in the country. And the Kannur Fort symbolizes the military power and falls within the Kannur cantonment.

Why Special?

The triangular laterite structure of the massive Fort is flanked by gigantic bastions and a moat. The Fort contains the remains of an early oil lamp lighthouse. This lighthouse is believed to be the first lighthouse in Kannur. The remains of the British military Cantonment are also found here. The view of the natural fishing harbor, Mappila bay, and the Dharmadam Island from the fort is absolutely fascinating. The Dharmadam Island near this fort is a favorite haunt of the tourists.

What you will Experience

You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Arabian Sea from the Fort. Watching the sunset from the Fort is really a beautiful experience. The green scenic landscape is perfect for good photography.

Entry & Exit Timings:

Entry Time : 9:00 AM. Exit Time : 6:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit : July to March.

Way to Reach :

 By Air - Calicut International Airport is at a distance of 115 Km.

 By Rail - Kannur Central Railway Station is at a distance of 3.6 Km.

 By Bus -  Kannur Bus Station is at a distance of 2.1 Km.