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Tellicherry Fort - Monuments in Kerala

Thalassery Fort which is also known as Tellicherry Fort is an ancient monument that stands in Thalassery town of Kannur district. This Fort was built by the British East India Company in the year 1708 to establish a stronghold on the Malabar Coast. The Fort was mainly built as a go down for pepper and cardamom. Later, it became a strategic center for the military activities of British. This Fort is now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Tellicherry Fort

Why Special?

An interesting fact about this Fort is that it lies on a rocky cliff, on the banks of the Muzhappilangad Beach. The colossal laterite walls and beautifully carved doors of the fort make it so special. This Fort is of square shape and comprises of a lighthouse as well as a large gateway. One of the unique features of the fort is that its entrance is through the top of a giant wall. It is believed that this Fort was built with a mixture of quicklime, white of egg and sugar candy. It was built to withstand assaults and invasion.

What you will Experience

This is a wonderful historical monument that offers a beautiful view of the Arabian sea. The well-maintained garden with the picturesque view of the sea makes it a good place to relax and take some nice photographs. The Fort has a lighthouse and climbing the dangerously winding staircase leading to the top is thrilling as well as scaring. You can view the nearby Holy Rosary Church from the Fort.

Entry & Exit Timings:

Entry Time : 8:00 AM. Exit Time : 6:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit : October to March.

Way to Reach :

 By Air - Calicut International Airport is at a distance of 93.6 Km.

 By Rail - Kannur Railway Station is at a distance of 21.9 Km.

 By Bus -  Thalassery Bus Station is at a distance of 1.1 Km