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Discover the Ancient and Powerful Agnipureeshwar Temple in Thiruvarur: A Journey Through Mythology and Devotion


Temple Talk & Little Wonders

Lord Shri Agnipureeshwar sits majestically in his abode at this truly ancient temple. Locals flock here daily, making it a vibrant spot! It's ranked as one of the most potent Shiva shrines in Thiruvarur district.

Mythology Bits

There's this heart-touching tale about Mandhiniar, a devoted follower of Lord Shiva. During one of her tributes, her son Banasura lent a helping hand by gathering numerous Shiva lingams. His adventure led him to Thirupugalur. Despite his mighty efforts, he couldn't budge one particular Lingam. Totally frustrated & on the brink of giving up, a voice from above promised divine presence at his mother’s pooja. True to the promise, Lord Shiva graced Mandhiniar’s worship session and then returned to Thirupugalur.

Festival Fun

Watch out for Vaikasi Pournami – it's a spectacular ten-day fest here! Other big celebrations include Thiru karthigai, Pradhoshams, & Diwali.

Star Guidance

People born under the Sathayam star often visit to seek blessings for overcoming marital issues, childbirth worries or business hurdles.

Unique Spot

Legend has it that a massive water-filled ditch dug by Banasura is still around. It housed crocodiles once! Also, Lord Vinayaka here is famous as Lord Gnana Vinayaka.

Serene Stories

Saint Thirunavukkarasar, or Appar Adigal as he’s fondly called, found peace here while serving by keeping temple paths clean for devotees using his Uzhavaram. His efforts are celebrated every year during the ten-day Appar festival where his journey to salvation is re-enacted.

Dual Shrines

The temple houses two separate shrines; one each for Saint Appar Adigal and Saint Sundarar. Lord Agnipureeshwar commands reverence in various forms like Sharanyapureeswarar and Konapiran from one shrine while another houses Mother Karundhar Kuzhali (also adored as Soolikambal). A little away sits another divine duo - Lord Vardamaneswarar with Mother Manonmani where Muruga Nayanar’s service involved crafting garlands.

Divine Relief Agni Bhagwan worshipped here to rid himself of a curse and shows up uniquely with 7 hands & four horns!

Golden Bricks

In an enchanting event, Lord Shiva transformed bricks into gold bars just for Saint Sundarar! Devotees now bring bricks here hoping their new homes turn prosperous under divine influence!

Motherly Miracles

Mother Karundhar Kuzhali also won land here after her tender care during a childbirth ensured safety for both mother & child—a powerful protector known as Soolikambal safeguards this place against infant and maternal risks.

Special ShrinesThis place hosts royalty too—with dedicated spaces for Emperor Nala and Shani Bhagwan who blesses anyone dipping into river Bana with freedom from planetary troubles.

Boundless Blessings

Widely known as Soolikambal due to her assistance during childbirths, women trust nothing bad will occur under her protective grace—often offering cloth pieces praying for healthy children.

Prayers & Hopes

Count on this site for house safety (Vasthu), smooth pregnancy and joyful marriages. Devoteoors start constructions with Vastu poojas right here!

Gratitude Galore Devotees express thanks by adorning Goddess Amibka with garlands and fabrics wishing life improvements & child blessings.

Let's Go Visit

Catch any local bus from Thiruvarur or hop on a train to Nagapattinam station. Trichy International Airport is your gateway if you're flying in—come experience the warmth of this glorious temple nestled near Thiruvarur in Thirupugalur!